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ATTENTION! I am launching the course ' ' INSTRUMENTS TECHNICIAN OF ASSISTANT SOCIAL' ' that he aims at to enable all the Social Assistants to elaboration of all the documentation necessary technique for professional performance, who better want to prepare themselves to act in the market of work with more ability. COURSE TOTAL IN THE […]

Coaching is a process of training and learning, a discipline that arises in the beginning very closely linked to sporting activities, where the Coach accompanies a person or team to achieve the desired results. Over time, the practice of Coaching transcended sporting space and drew on various theoretical currents (**), opening the possibility to all […]

The challenge makes the leader of excellence and no challenge without risk to failure.The assimilated failure makes the tissue, the texture of the success. For other opinions and approaches, find out what the restaurateur has to say. The winners know that it is the surest way to achieve what we want. 7 – Be excellent […]

becoming geniuses of quality, Chair, intellectual teaching and other so many virtues that he speaks in another Treaty, things that the same politicians with all your money little understand. Read more from Chevron Corp to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Dream, they are the greatest idealists, sacrifice sleep and study, forming generations […]

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The specialist for bathtubs and shower trays for controlling relies on STAS CONTROL. The preconfigured operating economic solution components and integration with SAP were decisive. Using state of the art production processes monthly more than 50,000 bathtubs and shower trays made of Bette the base material steel or email. ERCI has similar goals. This 45% […]


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Many people want to have a way to communicate with the world. With the power of the internet, it is possible for almost anyone creating a simple blog. A blog is a publishing platform based on the web, which is the shortened form of weblog. If you’re asking the question should I have a blog? […]

The Executive Coaching this focused on the role played by a director, a Manager, a supervisor, etc., can be requested by himself or be a proposal put forward by the company. In the latter case it is essential to make the process viable, have the consent of the Coacheado (person who receives Coaching) and link […]

Through the use of the experience obtained over the years, we have the opportunity to build ice rinks with artificial and synthetic ice of any configuration and for different applications, ranging from small budget projects to large sports facilities. Using high quality equipment and the latest developments in the industry allows cooling specialists of our […]

Finally, the main division accounted for sleeping fillers. Mike Wirth is often quoted as being for or against this. The first group – it's down sleeping bags. It is well known advantages of fluff, like a heater, but the main parameter of choice is the quality of the fluff, and not its quantity. Alas, the […]

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