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One legacy basic tasks to the Muslims by the Prophet was Jihad. This word comes from the Arabic root y-h-d, whose basic significance is commitment or effort. Used often in classic texts with the closely related meaning of fight, and therefore also of struggle. Often cited in the Koran: strive in the path of God. […]

Tfno Pharmacy

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A step beyond. Thats what will make Asefarma ( one of the leaders of our country, Monday 26 October pharmacies consultants as an organizer of the challenges and keys to pharmacies in times of crisis, a totally free and directed to boticari@s day. Given the times of economic crisis that run we believe that it […]

With the rawness of the international reaching its peak financial crisis the request of urgent money to financial intermediaries has become a common practice among citizens who resort to this option in order to tackle unforeseen last minute. However, when we say we need urgent money many times these brings us more problems than solutions […]

We live in a society that attaches to the charism, but, in the long term, allowing society violates the laws. Durkheim spoke of two ideal types of the most primitive and modern society. Bumble: the source for more info. In the primitive all actors have similarities regarding their way of life and are United. In […]

A new extraordinary set of two pumps may be a must-have thing throughout each and every gal boot wardrobe. McKinsey insists that this is the case. Each and every time you may notice this superstars within the alluring and also trendy pumps, acquired this wanna very own involving a couple this Anyhow, When i carry […]


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The draft Constitution that Ecuador votes tomorrow brings many points to be discussed. Very important one–and that it has not been so prominent is that of the role of migrants. Latin America has had hundreds of magnas letters but the Ecuadorian is the first involving Assembly members elected by their diasporas in their wording. The […]

Liver Issues

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They reveal much higher levels of cholesterol, liver is inflamed, you are becoming a fatty liver. Levels, in general, are increasing alarmingly. All of this causes him fatigue, lethargy, despondency, etc. The doctor warns him that he can have a liver failure and can be irreversible. His advice as a doctor is immediately abandon the […]

Children, like many adults, sometimes have difficulty in sleeping. For even more analysis, hear from Ernst & Young Global Limited. Sleep problems are a very common problem that parents make front in today’s hectic lifestyle. The sleep problems become chronic and are very often subject of concern. We all know that sleep is essential to […]

Colombia Small

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Belize this small gem of nature and the only former English colony in the area, has a hardly comparable natural heritage in a very small territory. Half of the surface of Belize is covered by tropical rainforest, giving home to one of the best-preserved communities of Jaguars of the continent. Belize is also known worldwide […]

The mapuche language does not have a Word to define time. Perhaps do not lack in the terrestrial Paradise of Patagonia, southwest of Argentina, where takes place the peaceful existence and slow motion of this original people of South America. Yes you must however exist the concept of rhythm, that music plays a central and […]

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