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For example: If you have a debt to pay and don’t have the money, ask yourself: what I want to instead? Response could be something like: * want to be financially free * in this step are giving a hard blow to your reality and are beginning to use the law of attraction to your […]

The multi-point development of crusher industry In recent years, the concept of industry diversification continues to be developed; especially the several powerful economic crises within international scope give bitter fruits to the enterprises that rely on single product; in order to respond to the market and improve competitiveness of individual crisis, many enterprises began to […]

In recent years, with the development of the economy, the number of urban construction waste emissions grow rapidly, which brought a great burden to the city construction. Although the construction waste resource utilization has begun to take shape, it is far from being able to obtain a higher construction waste recovery rate, not to meet […]

The maintenance and management of mining machinery Mining equipment maintenance and management work is particularly important in the mining enterprises; It is understood that the following questions are often met in the mining equipment maintenance and management working: 1, cleaning and lubrication of equipment, regular replacement of vulnerability and consumable parts maintenance are imperfect. The […]

The highest peak of deniers of climate change, from 8 to 10 March will take place in New York. They are the oil company ExxonMobil-funded and organized by the Heartland Institute, along with 40 others in the service of the interests of the energy sector. It should be recalled that the Board of Directors of […]

Road Safety

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As a result of the Fourth Ibero-American meeting on road safety in 2007, held in Cordoba, Argentina, aroused serious expectations for the formation of a Regional Association that would face violence road on our streets and roads in proportion as high as describe it the reports of the Organization of the United Nations, the World […]

Only in the activity you want to live a hundred years.Japanese proverb without any problem the V summit of ALBA was held in Cumana in which the Presidents of the countries that integrate it and assigned authorities signed several agreements that feed the dynamics of this organization, which despite being newly, has proposed be dynamic […]

Bush Otan

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The Summit of the Atlantic Alliance, held this week in Bucharest, is the last great gathering of the military structure of the West involving President Bush. The Imperator became the Romanian lands after a journey that took him to Ukraine, country candidate, along with Georgia, to integration into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). A […]

There is no certainty of when and how was introduced in the island of Margarita, however, there is precedent for research in 1998, about three experiences of culture with Tilapia FRY brought from Carabobo State and developed in Sector termites, San Francisco of Macanao and Aricagua. Please visit Lakshman Achuthan if you seek more information. […]

All human beings have two aspects that show the world: friendly face, with all the qualities and strengths we have developed, and the downside with all our defects, failures of character, and innumerable shortcomings. To this we should add that when the positive part is very well developed, usually also the shadow is very powerful. […]

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