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The character of the globalization as sub-promoter of the regional blocks is good in parts, but for another sides it brings great detriments for the local economy. But we question: It is possible to live and to act of indifferent form to this reality in a globalizante capitalist world? The current economy allows unitary isolamentos? […]

We all know that the primary objective of any business, company, is this multinational giant, medium, small or sole proprietorship, is selling and selling is the foundation of any business. If you’re doing business in any manner whatsoever and however much they want to disguise, you must be selling something, believe it or not, in […]

How often a child, eyes closed, we went to travel in a magical and wonderful world of fairy tales. Filed under: Economic Cycles Research Institute. Now, as adults, sometimes really want to go back to that distant land of fantasy, with a head dive into the carefree thought, dream and soar into the clouds. To […]

They are from this place organized river rafting on catamarans. According to them, he finished in Kuvandyk. In a Baymak Engineering Plant named after S. Hudayberdina and a set companies whose names we could not remember. But the city is very presentable. Not afraid to happen again, but in Bashkortostan are all very good looks […]


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AVOID credit cards: To the extent possible, you want to keep them far from you, have plastic money you greatly hurts when you don’t manage it. It’s pay to make ends meet all your consumption and prevents the minimum payment because this will cause you to not finish the debts soon, because the interests that […]


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The development of important disciplines as the economy has become the main tool of study and understanding of a myriad of situations of economic and financial indoles that affect people throughout his life. Economics is the science that studies the production, marketing and distribution of items or products that bring certain personal as well as […]

New Office of Cuba specialists in the Habana Libre hotel in the capital of Cuba offers travelers and interested a competent point of contact for all kinds of activities. Office Manager of Jorge Zayas, a philologist and designated tourism professional, offers the complete range of Cuba, as well as any form of support the incoming […]

Space limitations with which individuals, freelancers and companies, are found a solution the service of rent of temporary deposits of all type, size and service, and depending on the need of space, types of objects to save or deposit, required security levels and specialization, customer will opt to rent smaller deposits, as the box, mailboxes, […]

be especially in times in which many companies the budgets for business travel significantly shrink and communications spending ever more under the magnifying glass”, the combination of our services and the services of QuestNet will encounter great demand.” About Arkadin, Arkadin is one of the world’s leading provider of professional solutions for audio – and […]

It invades me a strange feeling of freedom, of unreality, even. Like a dream. The dream of my father: waking up in a train without knowing where you are or why you have got here. Not had occurred to me never, of course, but I must be equal to my father: dreamer, unconscious, unsatisfied would […]

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