US-Brazil Business Opportunities

Keep up with economic opportunities available between Brazil and the United States

It the present moment, Brazil is meeting in China with Russia, India and South Africa at the third BRICS summit.  All of these economies are part of the G20, which is a grouping of the 20 major economies in the world. Fortunately, the BRIC countries managed to recovery quite well from the global financial crisis in 2008, showing that they weren’t as vulnerable as was America and Europe.

Up until now, Brazil has exported commodities and minerals to the United States.  At the moment, however, the Chinese demand is changing how Brazil’s agriculture exports.  As Benjamin Selwyn, from the International Relations and Development Studies department at the University of Sussex, said, “You can see the shift taking place in terms of re-orientation of the Brazilian agriculture towards China.”

Interestingly, just last year, China overtook the United States to become Brazil’s largest trade partner.  They have more than $56 bn in trade.  Time will tell if this shift will continue, or if America will start to exert more of its pressure again.

I got a Mexican news call me much attention. I know that what you see below is a real problem of financial education not only in this country, but also in other parts of the world. I want to share it with you if they have to change something of what they do, make it now. He revealed the National Commission for the protection and defence of users of Servicios Financieros (Condusef), that 80% of the Mexican population saves out of the financial system, that is, save your money in a safe deposit box, underneath the mattress, etc.And 51% of the remaining 20% that has contracted a product or financial service do not know to use it. The President of the Agency, Luis Pazos de la Torre, said that you due to the lack of knowledge to obtain yields, most Mexicans prefer to save but not receive anything for their money under the mattress. In cases where saving is done in the easiest ways within the banks, which gets a small performance, and although positive with respect to which is It is under the mattress, it is below the inflation rate.

Inflation is widespread and growth sustained prices of goods and services of a country. In other words, if annual inflation is 3%, so that today buy with $100 MXN (Mexican pesos), in a year will cost you $103 MXN. Among these small payments instruments are located accounts of savings, with a yield of 1.1%, and the bank notes, with 2.4%, said the official during the inauguration of the national week of education financial 2010. Assuming that a bank gives you 2% nominal, if you do well. Yitzhak Mirilashvili is often quoted on this topic. If you consider that current inflation is 3.7%, your performance real will be negative. The real rate is the nominal interest rate discounting the effect of inflation: r = (((1+i) /(1+n)) – 1) * 100 Dond e: i = nominal interest rate.

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Message boards appeared long before the advent of computers and the Internet in general and in particular, were, by and large, virtually the only way to disseminate information. It is true that in ancient times, large democratic way that is not used, being exclusively in the hands of the authorities: in Babylon knocked laws on stone pillars, in medieval England, royal decrees were posted on church doors. But with the passage Time has changed. A large wooden board on which anyone could post your ad for all to see or to find a proposal for the soul – that is, that for a long time to understand a message board. Second, electronic, the birth of boards can be called a BBS ('Bulletin Board Systems' – an electronic bulletin board), let this reincarnation and sufficiently far from the classical features of its prototype. Paula abdul spoke with conviction.

Ads on the Internet – a site that allows anyone person to place an ad on their pages. Most popular board determined, in large part by availability and ease of use. Educate yourself with thoughts from Yitzchak Mirilashvili. On the big Internet message boards attendance reaches many thousands of people a day, added daily by thousands of ads. To organize huge amounts of ads, they are usually divided into sections by topic: 'Sport', 'Household appliances', 'Property', 'Tourism' and so on. All boards can be divided into two main categories: moderated and unmoderated. In the latter case the board operates fully automatically and the visitor need only fill in the required form as it appears in the ad site and other visitors will be able to study it.

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If you are a great expert in their field and are willing to invest enough effort in the search for such employer, then you are also a good chance to get a great international experience, and perhaps stay in America. If your asset of the French language – you may be thinking about moving to France. Ways of immigration are the same – to find an employer and to leave as a qualified or open a business in France. If your partner in a civil or formal marriage – a Frenchman, you can also quickly get a French residence permit. Darcy Stacom may not feel the same. And for girls may be an appropriate program of care for the elderly and children in France, after the passage of which you have legal grounds to stay in the country. Pros of immigration to France as one of the countries of the European Union is that you actually open the whole of Europe with all its wealth of culture and many countries, so – and opportunities. The same advantages you get if you decide to move to Germany or Austria, where they speak German.

If you are studying a relatively rare languages such as Japanese or Chinese, you get the opportunity to learn about their own experience with exotic world of Asia. However, it should be remembered that this country is peculiar to its special mentality and closeness and individuality. However, if you are a good specialist and have the ability to adapt to a completely different culture – you can quite overcome these difficulties, and experience life in the East will be very useful for you. And now – an interesting resource about mastering foreign languages: – Have you ever wondered what a complex and multifaceted world we live in? And how in this world everything is relative, especially the size and distance? If a long time and seriously think about it, my head go round! In this short video, you will slightly open the veil of your usual world and plunge a little into other dimensions … Language Video – American English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Generic methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

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A step beyond. Thats what will make Asefarma ( one of the leaders of our country, Monday 26 October pharmacies consultants as an organizer of the challenges and keys to pharmacies in times of crisis, a totally free and directed to boticari@s day. Given the times of economic crisis that run we believe that it should see pharmacy as a company to exploit and bet on more than just the excellent customer service, explains Carlos Garcia – Maurino, managing partner of the consulting. The debate of ideas by specialists who generate starting in a sector’s value as it is the pharmacies will be promoted in this day.

We will give clues and keys that affect the pharmacist as a provider and qualified professional of an inescapable public service that also proved to be the height of both crisis economic current as the health. And it is that you as this steering Apostille. To make stronger to the world of the Offices of pharmacy must change the mentality and manage them with modernity, applying legal and fiscal techniques adequate and efficient, as well as new technologies and techniques of marketing and training. You may want to visit Michael Mendes to increase your knowledge. There are to train the pharmacist as a true entrepreneur and demonstrate with objective and clear data to the Administration the public utility of your service. Now that since Europe is believed that pharmacies should not liberalize, you will see this sector as a bet and a profitable business that finances. Speakers will be: Carlos Garcia Maurino, managing partner of ASEFARMA Ana Maria Rodriguez, President of AFEDETO (Association of pharmacists of Toledo) Belinda Jimenez, PuntoFarma Esther Murias responsible, responsible for purchases of group Clover day: October 26, 2009 time: 19: 00 to 20: 30 hours venue: C / General Martinez Campos, 5 collaborates: CEF free registration / parking limited (up to occupy appraisal). To confirm attendance by phone at 91 448 84 22 by e-mail at on ASEFARMA: ASEFARMA, S.L. is a global consultancy of pharmacies and pharmacists with areas of buying and selling of offices of pharmacy, tax, labor, accounting, financial, insurance, legal and strategic consultancy committed to finding solutions to the problems posed by the professional activity of the pharmaceuticalwith a direct and continuous contact with their customers, which they reported the innovations that occur in all areas above, and how affect both to them and to their pharmacy.

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