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The specialist for bathtubs and shower trays for controlling relies on STAS CONTROL. The preconfigured operating economic solution components and integration with SAP were decisive. Using state of the art production processes monthly more than 50,000 bathtubs and shower trays made of Bette the base material steel or email. ERCI has similar goals. This 45% export about, mainly in European countries, but also to South East Asia. Special deformation and glass urtechniken, beds exclusively has more than 500 bath models are made by approximately 270 employees. 1,000 colors are available. A wide range of accessories rounds off the range. This results in an infinite variety.

This variety was a decisive factor that the own production planning system not replaced Bette at the introduction of SAP, since it was perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the production. To serve information needs increased in the last years specially in the area of controlling, If an analysis and reporting tool was introduced, that the data from SAP, as well as from other systems could integrate, without extensions from SAP to. Two solutions were ultimately in the final selection. STAS CONTROL convinced us because of the high proportion of predefined business solution”, says Ralf Steinmeier, General Manager of Bette GmbH & co. KG from Delbruck. Around 80% of our information needs are already turn-key pre-configured in the different cubes for sales, finance and production management. Thanks to the tried and tested standard interface to SAP and the numerous predefined reports a very quick introduction is sure.” Project launch is August 2008 for the introduction of STAS CONTROL, already the analysis and reporting environment to be used in October productive enterprise-wide. Relevant SAP data tables have been reduced to 50 tables in the data warehouse in STAS CONTROL, the the entire business level of a medium-sized company describe.

The preconfigured OLAP models as well as various reports and planning systems place on this data structure. While a data warehouse often individually must be created with hundreds of man-days, Bette thanks to standardization by STAS CONTROL saves much time and can deal only with the enterprise-specific features. In addition the company able to build a highly efficient, enterprise-wide reporting on the basis of STAS CONTROL is. We had to gain even all. But that’s no economic approach for a medium-sized company such as ours”, says Ralf Steinmeier. So we are to exploit much faster the benefits of code-based corporate management.” In addition to more transparency and standardization of reporting for all employees, ensuring that they get exactly the information they need also, and which serves as a basis for process optimization, Ralf Steinmeier expects significantly reduced overhead in the preparation of reports. Currently only the preparation of the P & L cost me almost a whole day. In the future, this should be done within an hour. It is much better to invest his time, instead of laboriously prepare it in the analysis of numbers.”

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