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They were difficult times, therefore Brazil still assayed the first steps of the Process of Democratization. Although the regimen in validity the IES – Institutions of Superior Education generally were born free, from the organization of intellectuals who had as objective common the educational formation of the people. The institutions appeared and with very work […]

Neuzh something he has the ability to do not get a job as assistant? Think that the problem still does not. Finally, we have 3 options from the same source. Curiously, does not it? First and second option is allowed to connect as one, and the deadline to make out separately. What happens in the […]

Tip number 1. As soon as possible to start learning a foreign language. Proved that language skills are innate and are equally inherent in all people: they are embedded in each of the birth. However, access to innate linguistic knowledge ceases to 12-16 years in the transition to adulthood. Tip number 2. Equally focus on […]

The Requirements

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Finally, emphasizes the paper of the professor. As it can act and what he fits to the pupil. We also want to speak on the formation of the professional of the education and as if she locates in relation to the culture of the change and the conviviality with the uncertainty. 1 Education, school and […]

The English

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Difference between number and amount (much / many). The English monetary system. Polite requests for goods. The question 'How much / many?'. (B) Assumed knowledge Numbers to 100. Greetings ('Good morning', etc.). 'Goodbye'. 'Please', 'thank you', 'here you are'. A way of asking the 'name' of things in English (eg 'What's this called in English?'). […]

Entrepreneurs constantly complain of not having enough information to make appropriate decisions, it is the case of business enterprises, they struggle daily to obtain each sale to meet every customer who enters their facilities, always circling in the same sales strategies, and working more by intuition than by objectivity. We have found that many times, […]

Active forms of group work educational psychologist BF with parents. Educational psychologist Q1. category K (M) BF "Kindergarten compensating type for children with visual impairments 48" Winnie the Pooh ", Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan Garafetdinova Gulnara Fayazovna. One of the main principles of interaction between educational psychologist with the modern parent is the priority of active […]

Training Speed

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In our case, these words: wood, steam engine, the letter. Write to the plate, as shown below. Next, call signs, which can characterize the values of these words. For example, a tree: a large, green, fragrant, dry, growing, crying, and so on. picture of a tree of great character engine heavy capital green iron capitalized […]


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Automobile exhaust reduces intelligence of children, scientists say. Leadership of the Bialowieza Forest denied information about the hunt for bison. Global warming threatens Antarctica’s unique marine world. There may move FocusNote climate change issues discussed at the UN The UN General Assembly discussed the issue of climate change. Not ‘only from a life of dog, […]

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