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Thus, in accordance with Borges and Andrade (2002, apud ANDRADE and RODRIGUES, 2008, P. 2), the Education Corporative it is an elaborated organizacional action in sistmico way, causes ‘ ‘ the acquisition of motor, atitudinais and intellectual abilities, as well as the development of cognitivas strategies that can become the individual most apt to play […]


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I find the interest inexplicable that the human being has in the life of the other, I do not know if this happens only for curiosity, or is one takes refuge where per some instants the individual forgets its problems and passes if to dedicate in the problem of the other. Costumo to say that […]

Salutte Chapter

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As the chapter searched to approach the history of the social responsibility in Brazil and of the social rocking in the world. The third chapter presents the definition of enterprise social responsibility, focusing the four levels of social responsibility of the companies, practical socially the responsible ones developed for the companies, the advantages and practical […]

The annual spare amount of parts for unit of vehicle if had become less intense. The time of useful life of the products and the competition with other states are good examples of this problematic one. The process of fleet renewal was responsible for the specialization of offers of parts, professionals and of the commerce. […]

He is most likely that the concern of Apple if concentrates ahead in the performance of its products of the possible perception of the product for its consumer. Therefore, the changeable competition also does not explain why iPad 2 was launched with the same price that iPad. But if you find that this attitude is […]

By the way, in relation to the taxes, the same author displays that they were classified in common or extraordinary the common ones were the tenths and fifth of the gold, and the extraordinary ones were the special taxes and the feints. The tenth was a general contribution equivalent to the tenth of all harvested […]


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The public relations represent the relationship and communication between company its some public that include consumers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, government, the public in general and the society where the company operates. The programs of public relations can in such a way be formal as informal. The critical point is that all organization, has or not […]


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The history of the Internet counts on people who with an idea had only obtained to create empires. A very small seed, with the time can be changedded into a great tree. Perseverance and certainty are two characteristics necessary to win in the Internet. In the Internet continuously it is said of empires. Google, Facebook, […]

Countries as Spain, France, England and Holland had followed ways similar to those trod by Portugal. The Luso Empire, that until then possua the monopoly of the commerce lost this privilege what it caused one accented reduction of the profits. Thus, with the transformations occured economic politics and in the mercantile world they had finished […]

It agrees to remember that the 5 a thousand richer families of Brazil have in patrimony something around 40% it the Brazilian GIP (Pochmann, 2004). The implication most important of the reform tax says respect to the financing of the social security, the Deep one of Support to Trabalhador (FAT) and of the basic education […]

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