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The Cuyo area, with its large expanse of natural resources and marabillosos landscapes, offers an infinite number of alternatives to its visitors. In particular, for those who enjoy tourism adventure in Mendoza, through its rivers rafting can be a very seductive proposition. Rafting is the ejerciciode down mountain rivers in inflatable rafts. This activity does […]

The mapuche language does not have a Word to define time. Perhaps do not lack in the terrestrial Paradise of Patagonia, southwest of Argentina, where takes place the peaceful existence and slow motion of this original people of South America. Yes you must however exist the concept of rhythm, that music plays a central and […]

Atlantic Ocean

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It also causes to waves of north-east heat and east in the part east-Southeast-south and central office of the Country. Pacific Tepid Massa (MTP) This mass possesss the same characteristics of Tropical the Atlantic one, even so its performance is only on the Pacific ocean, exerting very little influence in the continent, which had to […]

Perfume Citrus

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The manufacture of perfumes is a process that seems simple glance, however large quantity of details come into play to achieve develop a small vial where lots of different origin notes are synthesized. From the very beginning of humanity the man has improved and developed new processes to manufacture perfumes. In this long journey lot […]

Venezuela and Colombia resumed diplomatic relations after a meeting between their heads of State in Santa Marta, Colombia on August 10, 2010. The newly elected President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos and Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, agreed on Tuesday to form five binational commissions to address issues such as trade and security as well as […]

By its appearance aloe seems a cactus, but in reality belongs to the Liliaceae family, such as garlic, Lily, asparagus or Tulip. It is a species of succulent calls, i.e., that contains a large amount of juice. It is precisely that loaded with extraordinary properties succus which makes it the undisputed Queen of medicinal plants. […]

The Cuyo area, with its large array of shimmering landscapes and natural resources, offers an infinite number of alternatives to its tourists. Especially, for those who enjoy tourism Mendoza, through its rivers rafting adventure can be a very appealing proposition. Rafting is the ejerciciode down mountain rivers in inflatable rafts. This activity does not require […]

South America

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Brazil, one of the countries with largest amount of paradisiacal landscapes in South America, is also one that most proposals presented to perform medical tourism. Prices are much lower than in other countries and also has the possibility to rest in any of its paradisiac beaches for a postoperative period, in some of the many […]

Black Bridge

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As all know, several had been the cases of racism in the soccer where afrodescendentes players and torcedores are called ' ' macacos' '. It has three basic ways to deal with the situation. The first one, evidently, is the legal one: to process criminally and civilly the aggressors. One is about solution that we […]

Valena the determined one, in day 10 of November of 2011 Valena will complete 162 years as city. Educate yourself with thoughts from Oliver Wyman. As village emancipation it occurred in 1799, being that in this year of 2011, it will complete 212 years. Time of foundation 451anos, established for the Portuguese Noble Sebastio de […]

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