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Immediately decoding the concept of 'NC': Numerical Control Software. CNC is the different types of machines (milling and engraving, drilling, milling, laser, cutting, and many others), oborudovannnye system program management. Automation system for production machines was held, tentatively, in two stages. At the initial stage of automatic processing machines were equipped with type NC. Technological […]

Writing tutorials and video lessons noble occupation. Nowadays, digital video tutorials, or "video tutorials" are popular with many. We can say that almost every family has computers, and many appeared fairly fast Internet connection. And thanks to a demand for educational materials in a standard hard copy and digital. However, if in the big cities […]

Modern cars have become so complex, and automatic transmissions are so reliable that the automatic transmission performs the most popular, or even the base version korobkm gear on many models. Over 85% modern cars are equipped with different brands of automatic transmissions. All that is required from the driver – is start the engine, select […]

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