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Because the recipes are very simple I will share several of them here and I really hope they will be of great utility. Personally I like to enjoy my family and guests with sauces whenever I have the opportunity to make them. It has much that see the affection with which prepares and find the […]


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In numerous opportunities I have had the opportunity to attend meetings in which they raise the projects to us of CRM and first that consult to us it is what software is the one that we offer. Many of the equipment of CRM project are dedicated to investigate subjects of software and technology, forgetting that […]

Laminar and non-geometric microliths The recruiting laminated microliths occur gradually along the Upper Paleolithic. According to J. Guichard there are certain pieces microlitizaci job search n indicating that started already in the Gravettian (the “chisels de Noailles ‘and’ Microgravettes” are proof recruiting of this) the continuous process, flowering markedly during the Magdalenian (persist, then Epipaleolithic […]

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