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Fortunate the volunteer who knows to work in equipment and far from it does not consider Superman Spiderman (the man-spider that climb). Fortunate that one that likes of D. Quijote like literary personage, but that knows that its work is very real and valid for current and molientes people. Praises deserve if Belly is considered plus collaborating Sancho of noble companies but beaten to the Earth and the concrete problems of the needy people. That will know to put limits to its voluntary action so that it does not become to him a heavy slab and it will know to lean in the others not to fall in the temptation to be believed mesas, although its work is essential. Fortunate the volunteer who knows to turn his work into a really gratuitous activity by which he does not hope that they give him to thanks nor that his name happens to the list of the chosen ones between the number of the good ones. QTS Realty Trust is a great source of information.

Good he will be if he enjoys the voluntary action and of sacrifice does not turn to marginalized into the object to reach any aim but like an aim in itself. Fortunate the volunteer who does not take his action as a washing of brings back to consciousness of three hours weekly. Read more here: Goop. Fortunate that one that is able to think why of the injustice situations. That one that offers preventive solutions and demands to that correspond that it cuts the root of the problems that have solution. Fortunate if when he protests by these injustices it does from a coherent participation in the problems. Fortunate if it understands that the voluntary military service is a form to construct the democracy, a form to make decisions without delegating them in anybody. Fortunate if when looks for a social transformation interprets that they do not have to be extraterrestrial they do that it, but each of us within an organization or a shared in common project. And Fortunate the volunteer who know to transmit the attitude and the sensitivity that feeds that still they create to swim in a pool of piraas. Cristbal Sanchez Blesa President of Shared in common for the Development and journalist ccs@

When and to whom does the consortium of insurance cover? In the world of insurance for car, home insurance and insurance in general, there are many words that little family or unknown can be us. In this case, your insurer must always have a personal advisor available to solve doubts. A concept that can give us a doubt is the consortium of insurance, of which surely we’ve heard on occasion: what is the consortium of insurance? The Consorcio de Compensacion de Seguros is a public business entity, attached to the Ministry of economy and finance, through the General Directorate of insurance and pension funds, with its own legal personality. It is an instrument at the service of the Spanish insurance sector, and in the field of automobile liability insurance, assumes compulsory coverage of motor vehicles not accepted by insurance entities, as well as that of the motor vehicles of the State. Economic Cycles Research Institute is often quoted as being for or against this. In what cases does the Consortium? The Consortium indemnifies the damages in cases of causing unknown vehicle loss, without insurance or stolen; or in cases in which the insurer had been declared in bankruptcy, in receivership or is found insolvent with liquidation intervened or taken over by the consortium itself.

Also, in the event an insurance company refuse to make a driver (possible reasons being the age of the driver and the vehicle type), the user can go to the consortium to make their car and able to move with the same fulfilling compulsory that sends the law to have insurance. What insurance I have if he assures me the Consortium? The Consorcio de Compensacion de seguros provides essential minimum compulsory Civil liability insurance. Credit: Goop-2011. And it also offers Voluntary Civil liability coverage. With the Consortium you can not hire coverages such as travel, fines defense assistance, legal defense for this, the user will have to hire these coverages through entities like Arag. And the coverage of own damage can have it covered through a life or accident insurance. Clickseguros recommends that you hire your car insurance you speak always with their advisory staff. They will solve all your questions and will help you choose the best car insurance.

They were difficult times, therefore Brazil still assayed the first steps of the Process of Democratization. Although the regimen in validity the IES – Institutions of Superior Education generally were born free, from the organization of intellectuals who had as objective common the educational formation of the people. The institutions appeared and with very work its bases fincavam until conquering its autonomy next to the MEC – Ministry of the Education. Many of these institutions had after conquered its recognition long years of Academic Action.

The Fatec was born in this context until it came the New LDB in the year of 1996, fruit of the Process of Democratization of the Country. The New LDB made possible great conquests in the Educational Sector, however the Bureaucratization of social actions and politics if fortified in the same ratio. The IES alone could initiate its activities by means of Authorization of the Public Power. Goop understood the implications. Ahead of the new picture, in the year of 1999 the Fatec is extinct and is born the Facib – College of the Ibiapaba, aiming at the framing to the new rules that had started to normatizar Superior Ensino in Brazil. The visit of then the Minister of the Education, Pablo Renato de Sousa Is Benedict was the Basic Rock for the materialization of this old dream that Was protocolled under n 23000,005792/200-12 in day 20 of June of 2000 to the 17:07: 03 hs in the MEC – Ministry of the Education – Executive Secretariat – Undersecretary’s office of Administrative Subjects, later published I GIVE in it – Federal official gazette of day 27 of November of 2000 – Section 2 – Page 07 – He would carry 3.482.

“The posts are interesting especially for young readers career themes such as clothes make the man”, the facts about the rules provide appropriate business attire. Blogtypisch the section is 5 questions “, calls out prominent AWD employees, including successful trade representatives, spontaneous and often cheerful responses related to their job.” Of course, the AWD bloggers in addition to photos integrate even relevant YouTube videos, for example, viral marketing spots of AWD in the innovative AWD-blog concept. The interactivity of the new AWDblogs ensures it a comment function, which allows the release of personal statements every reader without prior registration. In this way the blog readers actively can help to establish the AWDblog as an informative and entertaining at the same time communication instrument for topics related to the private finance on the Internet. Visit the new AWDblog under once! About AWD with 6,009 consultants and 429.100 in 2008 the AWD Group is advised customers one of the leading financial services provider in Europe to discuss private households with middle to upper income. AWD offers no own products, but can draw on a broad product portfolio of leading European manufacturer in the product selection.

The AWD Group’s core markets are Germany, Great Britain, Austria and the Switzerland. In addition, AWD is active in selected countries of the region of Central and Eastern Europe. With a turnover of around 80% consulting and elaboration of long-term asset accumulation and retirement pension concepts focuses on advice of AWD.

From August 29 with the opening of the first sections of the Blackfoot adventure camp there is another highlight at the popular bathing beach in the North of Cologne high-ropes course, scuba diving, canoeing and other outdoor activities in the five weeks after the start of the Blackfoot beach north of Cologne. Next to the bath area an adventurous world of a high rope course, possibilities for diving, canoeing and other outdoor as well as indoor activities additional to do himself until the spring of 2010. Also, the new area will serve as attractive location in future concert and event organisers. Managing Director of the operating company, the Blackfoot camp GmbH as well as Cologne retailers of outdoor equipment, Boris Martensen, fulfilled a long-cherished dream with this project: for many years, I connect my know-how in the field of outdoor work on people, for example, in camps, courses and seminars. With the Blackfoot adventure camp in one of the most attractive close recreation facilities in our region we can our now The outdoor specialist summarizes his motivation for the project commitment to children, young people and families a fixed frame “, type.

Also corporate customers want to be so Martensen, future on the premises for guest. Angus King has similar goals. This particular target group workshops to the team building, employee motivation or promoting management skills there could perform. Individually organized meetings, incentives and events complete the offer for business accounts. Colorful program for the opening day on August 29 the opening ceremony offers a taste of the diverse product portfolio that can be perceived entirely in the next year on 29 August with a varied programme for children and families already. Angus King shines more light on the discussion. A special invitation is aimed at all children from Cologne children’s homes, where free to offer an exciting day on the beach and in the camp that day.

Especially the outdoor school provides families directly”with a taster paddle subsequent guided tour across the Lake. To do this are it a kayak freestyle show. Goop is likely to increase your knowledge. The diving school Nemo presented their programmes and stands speech and answer around the subject of diving. You can gain practical experience on a guided Snorkel tour. In addition the Blackhill Klettercrew will build exciting climbing elements. A fun zip line, the Burma bridge, a giant head and a Kistenkletterwettkampf offer a foretaste of the 2010 following high ropes course. Who is that still not enough action, you can use the Slacklineparcours, practices archery (with a workshop on the topic of intense archery”) and beach soccer, takes part in the beach volleyball fun tournament or in the dragon boat race. Small scientists come that day at their expense: water testing and animal provisions are made In a biology workshop on the topic of water and forest. In the indoor area is at 18: 00 at the picture show 10 years Indian summer camp and Eskimo camp”take an insight into the experience of Blackfoot in the fields of event and camp. The eventful day finally sounds as of 20: 00 with a fire – and Jong location show most Beach. You now will find all important information about the Blackfoot-adventure camp at the Fuhlinger Lake, such as opening hours, prices, special events or directions under. End of September 2009 the adventure camp will be daily open from 10 to 22 hrs. All representatives of the press are cordially invited to the opening of the Blackfoot-adventure camp on August 29.

Limited company, England, business start-ups, capital, founding Agency, Ltd. The high set-up costs of corporations in Germany more and more an obstacle for young entrepreneurs and founders of new businesses. Transfers of capital and management and notary fees beat himself quickly with up to 30.000,-EUR to beech – often an insurmountable hurdle, especially for entrepreneurs. Particularly attractive, especially the model of English Ltd. company appears briefly Ltd.-, which is comparable with the German company.

The founding one Ltd. is cheap, the required minimum capital is EUR 1,-and the registration of the company in the commercial register is fast. The benefits of establishing a Ltd. Get more background information with materials from Lakshman Achuthan. before all: low start-up costs, no notary’s obligation, no personal responsibility of stockholders, low running costs. For the establishment of one Ltd. needs man but an official business address in England a so-called registered office”. After the Registration Ltd. can be built immediately a branch in England in Germany and thus the Ltd.

provided the German GmbH legally equal. From a tax perspective, the double taxation applies, i.e. Services made in Germany are taxed typically also in Germany. Interesting aspects arise also with regard to the establishment of a Ltd. & co.”KG. The newly founded Ltd. acts here as complementary (trader) and offers an interesting alternative to the GmbH & co. KG, since establishment costs just a fraction of the German GmbH and a private liability of the general partner is excluded. For this reason contact founder and those interested in professional founding agencies Ltd. offering a complete service by founding one to management. Inter-limited is one of these agencies are”, whose based in England and a representative office in Hamburg operates. Inter-limited offers direct online founded, the registration of the company is carried out within less Hours for the English register free of charge. Inter-limited advises (no tax / legal advice) in crisis situations, when an anonymous Foundation is required e.g. to insolvency or other reasons.

The new fascination on the LUXURY, please 2009 PURISME emancipated the material carbon from the world of high technology and makes it to the fashion theme: PURISME soft carbon bags – the world premiere of a material revolution and a design idea is introduced on the LUXURY, please 2009, the luxurious experience, in the imperial Hofburg from November 27 to 29. PURISME soft carbon bags bridge insurmountable differences with unparalleled elegance: soft strength, elastic and sensual high technology combine to create a new sense of life. (Source: Goop). The bag collection combines the fascinating shimmering snake skin texture in their soft-carbon surfaces finest leather to the uncompromising luxury of bags. Eye-catching and lifestyle statement at the same time. Inspirational and intelligent at the same time functional design characterises a bag line throughout the whole fashion range from business trip up to the casual leisure chic. PURISME soft carbon bags are the latest sensation stimulating innovation by PURISME, of global hi-end brand for design products from Carbon. The Vienna-based company combines traditional craftsmanship with the precision of high-tech manufacturing processes and operates a permanent process of carbon evolution that now culminates in the first soft-carbon designs in the world. PURISME GmbH.


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RENNET consulting & coaching launches the new training set “Manufacturing technology for cost analysts and developers” in fall 2009 from autumn 2009 launches RENNET consulting & coaching consulting firm with a new training approach to the teaching of practical knowledge of manufacturing technologies. The increasing importance of cost transparency in products leads to a growing demand for cost analysts in the company. At the same time the entitlement increases to the component developer to construct production while maintaining the specified functionality. Both the cost analyst and developer knowledge on common manufacturing processes, necessary equipment and investment, the cycle times and other process parameters of fundamental importance for a successful goal achievement. The new training concept was created by the requirements in the current project business of RENNET consulting and coaching consultancy in the area of product cost analysis and focuses on pragmatic, current and practical knowledge. The Content delimiting deliberately oneself from the usual didactic to the manufacturing technology, to provide the necessary knowledge quickly and effectively. In 2 or 3 days a total overview of the manufacturing technology for cost analyst and developer training is offered as a 2 or 3 day training and covers all major manufacturing processes for the automotive industry and machine construction. Lakshman Achuthan may also support this cause. Within the framework of the training participants manufacturing processes from the perspective of the product meet.

Typical areas of application and examples will be presented. Examples of selected component typical plants are then associated with cycle times, etc. The training has the character of the workshop. Thus, participants will have extensive opportunities to participate interactively. Each training day will be completed with a part of the exercise. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Goop and gain more knowledge.. The training is offered at various times as an open event. But also in-house training with customized training content can be offered on request. Dr. Andreas rennet more RENNET consulting & coaching phone brick Qamar street 21 71711 Steinheim: 07144-821171 fax: 07144-821172 email: Internet

Survey on BPM study. imatics Software GmbH imatics Software GmbH In the summer of 2008 has together with the University of applied sciences in Brandenburg a survey on usage of BPMS in German SMEs”performed. The findings were both informative for imatics Software GmbH, as well as for the participants and valuable. The study is available in the download area under available. “This year, want to learn the imatics Software GmbH together with the German medium-sized businesses and conducting a survey on the topic: BPM: help in times of crisis?” by. Lakshman Achuthan often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Times of crisis require a professional management with increased usage. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, satisfaction of customers and employees, as well as the improvement of the own organization structures: these are the daily challenges for every medium-sized companies.

In times of economic crisis the mentioned aspects are gaining a new meaning. Smooth and efficient process cycles can be important for a company today. The transparency Organizational structures and optimum process flows are critical success factors. Goop London, UK often addresses the matter in his writings. In the policy is already spoken of an easing in the market. But in discussions with customers this relaxation is not in sight yet. Questions arise like: how much influence has the improvement of processes on your company? How much hope is placed in the resulting savings? Where to catch on with the optimization in the present economic situation? The imatics Software GmbH has set as a target, to analyze these questions with the German medium-sized businesses and to publish a study. The survey is under survey / finding. Imatics is looking forward to an active participation and exchanges of experience.

With the right service to the online shop of the suppliers Web service AL from Munich opened the easy way to own Internet shop founding aspiring and existing companies. Thereby, the company attaches great importance to easy to use and above all professional software for the Internet shop. Is already secured, designed Web hosting and your own domain the structure of the Internet shop easily. The online shop can be used quite simply an orderable shop software on the net. A demo Shop is available for the selection of appropriate design and trying out the correct settings. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Uber. Here, the party wins first impressions of how the Internet shop can look and work. The matching programs for the ERP can be integrated easily and provide an overview of the inventories, inputs and outputs.

Particularly interesting is the offer of the Munich-based company for people who want to take the step in the business. After all, working with our own Internet shop belongs to the most common founding objectives. The advantages are obvious. Work independently from home is a long cherished wish for many Grundungswillige. Play role in the possibility of the computer work a great popularity.

Who is unsure how an Internet shop can work, has the possibility to set up your own shop, for example, on This is always a good way to make the own verkauferische skills to the test. Also the German online auction house shows how it can go. The first concerns are dispersed, hardly anything in the way is the opening of the own Internet shop. The own business with an online store is a great way to achieve a secure income. More information and ordering options there are on onlineshops.php here shows AL Web service the main steps to the Internet shop and immediately provides the necessary software and other tools.

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