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DMi telematics for complete documentation of all activities in the business and entertainment service Dortmund, 22.01.2014. The intelligent provision of data and their meaningful use are critical to success in many industries. Just communities, large Autobahnmeisterein and airports depend on the efficient documentation of their services, to meet the traffic duty of public spaces in […]

When presenting a foreign public document to an official body, there are many doubts about its legalization and the legal validity of its translation. If we need to present a foreign document in Spain and is required to be legalized, its legalization should perform well through the Apostille of the Hague or by diplomatic means. […]

Consulting and documentation requirements in the insurance mediation in one of the first decisions has the Saarland higher regional court (judgment of January 27, 2010 reference number: 5 U 337/09) to the burden at the consulting and documentation requirements in the insurance brokerage commented. Content and scope of a conversation between the customer and agent […]

Informative privacy on data in a company’s clients already know that she is of vital importance as regards the security referred to in. Not to mention the factor order and cleanliness in general that useless files are saved or stored in any way accumulating more and more space. British Petroleum gathered all the information. For […]

Conclusion with regard to customer day LurConvention Berlin, may 18, 2011. The LurTech Europe GmbH moves to its second customer day LurConvention”a positive conclusion, which recently took place. Nearly 50 representatives of Scandienstleistern and other companies followed the invitation to Schloss Burg on the Wupper in Solingen, Germany. They received comprehensive information on the two […]


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We believe that translation processes must be transparent and comprehensible for the customer and is only in this way a high degree of credibility can be achieved.” Information to TuV SuD the TuV SuD product service GmbH is a globally active company with the fields of technical examination, evaluation and certification of products in terms […]

The seminar on the optimal use of document management systems Bonn download IHK Koln and the VOI. The IHK Cologne and the VOI invite Association for organization and information systems together with the IT Forum Oberberg on July 8, 2010 to a practice-oriented seminar. Interested parties can inform about the benefits of document management system […]

With so much technology ours around, see that our memory is becoming less used with devices that facilitate us life practically, we forget the importance of exercises for memory to properly maintain our hard drive, then you will show as the technology as affected our memory and 8 most powerful memorization exercises A proof of […]


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My social relations are on directly to my way of work, my function to mine day-by-day, until the form of behavior before social factors and situations it is learned through my work, or are demanded socially. For the social and inadmissible thought a lawyer to have a language with slangs, or a doctor that leaves […]


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Typically, when creating a new company, the owners of their own choosing her name. Then for a long time are surprised that the designers can not possibly draw a distinctive logo, a simple and clear "Sirius", "Artemis" or something like Facebook. Further details can be found at Richard Trumka, an internet resource. More well-versed in […]

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