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( – the international movement of goods continues to rise In the course of globalisation every year. Good for the logistics industry: now the third largest sector in Germany. For 2008, the booming industry expects further growth to five percent and of course workers search for more. The opportunity for job seekers: qualified logistics professionals […]

‘You are the future’ shows prospects after graduation on the 28th (9 am-4 pm), and students in the Stadthalle in Unna the way inside to breathe in about 70 occupations have 29 may (10 – 15). Concrete tips give companies and educational institutions young people under the slogan, you are the future”. The trade fair […]

You have much more opportunities than with any other school education the key to professional success with a baccalaureate degree in today’s professional world. But as a teenager, this point is a pretty no matter and the knowledge not rarely even come with the later life experience. After the first few years in the professional […]

Study at universities of applied sciences thanks to long-standing collaborations with economic and industrial companies of all sizes in the country and abroad, the transfer between teaching, research and practice is intensively at the universities of applied sciences universities and institutions. Always the focus is at the heart of science education to future professional practice. […]

What is the NWA and how do I become partner of the Network World Alliance? The Network World Alliance short: NWA is a company that was founded by Helmut Spikker on the 11.5.2010. The company enables conveniently from home money making. In the next few months the company network World Alliance is expected to be […]

Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation: Information session I innovations and their successful implementation are today the most important competition factor, whether self-employed entrepreneurs or a large group. That’s why the Technical University of Vienna and the Vienna University of economics have jointly developed an MBA, which aims, to unite the good idea and its entrepreneurial […]

Business network a business partner concept – affiliate program & affiliate marketing Affiliate program for networking professionals (experts network) 10 steps to successful entrepreneur with the amaxline business network the network portal of the future for global Internet business, money earn with expert know-how”under tip of the day: my business success example 1 with […]

Analyze and reflect in the run-up to the start-ups in addition to a viable business idea all by one or some few persons depends on start-ups. Equally personal properties and capabilities, i.e. individual personal factors, into the focus of interest back to next to the intangible capital. Each intensive thinking and analyzing in advance or […]

Three and half years ago, the European Parliament and the Council adopted a directive that requires a certain group of professional drivers to make an initial qualification course prior to obtaining a driver’s license, and other regular courses to ensure their knowledge to volante.En ROYAL DECREE 1032/2007, of July 20 has been passed to regulate […]

E-Mail-management specialist joins the REDDOXX GmbH (, expert for email management solutions sales team Rottweil, June 15, 2010, has further expanded its staff base. Christian Schroder distribution and partner management in Northern Germany is responsible for now. The focus of its activity is doing on the establishment and development of business relations as well as […]

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