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I think in the last call I had with my father: – I am tired, already I can not even go to the single bathroom, I pray to God every day that leave me to walk again – okay, Dad answer but why don’t ask you that more beyond that you walk or not, fill […]

Being an entrepreneur requires certain profile based on certain skills. An easy task is not to identify clearly what should be the profile of an entrepreneur, many authors agree on certain key characteristics which has an entrepreneur. With regard to the successful entrepreneurs in Venezuela we can point out some features such as: passion, confidence […]

The same thing would correspond them to do Latin Americans of Spanish, European, African and Asian descent. Nobody can give lessons of morality or ethics to the Jews. The moral and spiritual essence of Christians and Muslims comes from Judaism. Nevertheless the Jews remain the scapegoat of humanity for being God’s chosen people. The Jews […]

Lifting a foot and extend it behind you, together on the floor. Contract your glutes, strengthens your abdominal, and keep the spine, naturally arched column. Centrate on balance, and descends until your torso is parallel to the ground. Starts the movement by pushing hips back. Push up to the starting position. Image: 7. glued to […]

Many people associate e-mails with the autoresponders automated responses, they are not wrong, although I would like to make it clear that these programs are much more than simple e-mail messages. The autoresponders are tools that can be used in different ways, helping to grow and in some cases to boost the sales of your […]

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