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Such activities had had its reduced projection to the minimum. The Agency, created in 1999, enjoys me the reputation enters the population due in general its already cited linking with the SNI. Such activities of intelligence had had its reduced reputation to such point that the servers of the ABIN are portraied by the press […]


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All, also those, that confess different creeds, yes are worried and working arduously to keep its standards of comfort and welfare? what, by the way it does not have badly none? what it has of pssimo they are the excesses committed and the reinante hypocritical fingimento. All are judged deserving of bigger portions, all find […]

With the end of the year if approaching, the countdown for so dreamed vacation already started for many exactly diligent students or. However, while the majority uses to advantage this period disconnect itself of the world and the day to day running, others veem the time as an excellent period to modernize, to carry through […]

BRAZIL, ROUTE the FIFTH BIGGER ECONOMY OF WORLD ADILSON BOELL 1 Escrevo this article to announce the good news for that they believe that Brazil walks the wide steps, to become one of the five bigger economic powers of the world. In page ten of the edition of N 649, the magazine That is Money, […]


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Representing an alternative of survival for a group of workers in a plant, such fact occurs in middle of century XIX, being marked as the beginning of capitalism. Moment where the Europe passes for deep transformations, in the social fields, economic politicians and, generating difficulties for its population, that has that to adapt itself to […]

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But, if the entronizao> the embarrassment of that the Armed Forces commanded police an operation typical. To surpass this as embarrassment, she was necessary to adapt the dragon to the style of Are Jorge. It was when the myth appeared as. Another myth, Master? Yes, another myth, another message. He was so pretty. Vocs does […]

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri born in San Juan, Puerto Rico during a stay of his parents in the Caribbean island. Is the largest of the 3 children of the couple formed by the Spanish singer Luisito Rey (Luis Gallego S nchez) and Italian actress Marcela Basteri, his brothers are Alexander (two years younger) and Sergio […]

E what to say of the death of the Russian Renato? It seems that it was yesterday, but already 13 years are gone! Russian Renato says in a music: ' ' He is so strange, the good ones die jovens' '. It is incredible as it is this same impression that we have. I started […]

The Dormagen business Synchrodent on Dec 04, 2012 with eight dental surgeries (nationwide) together the matrix certification successfully passed the Dormagen business Synchrodent on Dec 04, 2012 with eight dental surgeries (nationwide) together the matrix certification successfully passed. “The introduction of our quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is a strategic decision […]

For us, it is something special that we could win an experienced health and nutritionist of the industry for a part of our assortment, so Birgit Roth. The Kulinaristen exhibited at the raw food fair in Speyer, so contact with Regiotreff came Food concluded, Karl-Heinz Rausch from Lingenfeld very places value on the waitresses. In […]

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