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This that presents its peculiarities in each region of the country. ' ' Brazil has, in its favor or exaggerates some, the most varied and complex repertoire of culture popular. As multiethnic society, the repertoires are plural influence for them, diverse in its artistic manifestations and produce singular, typical an identity, without similarity with others […]

They have been all slandered by the society and, if judgeships, are condemned for the majority of the judges. The correct ones, resigned, have been remained been silent. They had been eed frightened, had been discouraged Born in the kingdom here, sobranceira, the worthless iniquity. For more specific information, check out Twin Cities. Lack has […]

Parallel Power

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If knew that the world if would disintegrate tomorrow, still thus would plant my apple tree. It scares what me is not the violence of few, but the omission of many. We have learned to fly as the birds, to swim as the fish, but we do not learn the sensible art of living as […]


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Brazil has its history of very recent asphalt, having initiated for River X Is Paulo1948, River Bahia, So Paulo Curitiba, So Paulo X Belo Horizonte in 1952. They see, that exactly in the populous regions southeastern, everything she is new, carrying in Central Brazil, nothing had before the military period of 1964, everything practically started […]

San Francisco

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Today if ve the composed constructive system for masonry structural marked by bulks in rocks and bricks, argamassado and coated for one mixture of whitewash, sand or clay, supported for the covering in wood, under these ceramic roofing tiles. Increasing it these elements cercadeira in cultivated rock (it would sing) to distinguish the vain ones […]


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The people ask to me why I am torcedor of Athletical, since I am person from de state of espirito santo. I answer with the same question. you, why twist for vasco, botafogo, fluminemse or flamengo? The simple reply and: soccer in the Espirito Santo does not exist. Teamses with a little of tradition in […]

Pertseed or a toucan – representative of the family (Rhamphastidae) climbing birds (Scansores), peculiar to South and Central America and Mexico. This medium-sized bird with a brightly colored, disproportionate, but, moreover, easy, sawtooth serrated beak, with peristoobraznym language parnopalymi bare feet and bridles and a circumference of the eye; gloss black, which, according to the […]

Aliny Arruda

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because not? Another day playing with a situation I said: ' ' any day, still we will witness a blind person talking with a deaf person, he said this for the fact of is learning LIBRAS*4 and then he came this thought that soon I mentioned for the actress Aliny Arruda who also was learning […]

Currently, Par is the state that more explores wood in Brazil. Moreover, it is important to detach that all this activity, investment, transformation, occurs almost that of random form. McKinsey has much experience in this field. Verssimo et al. (1996) it indicates that the industry answers to the forces of the market, with the classic […]

The Nations

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This characteristic does not meet so loaded in the individuals of some crossbred supplies of hamitas even of berberes of that in them they had come numerous slaves: while the fulos and other peoples of eastern Africa who had also contributed for the formation of the Brazilian family if filiam for the hair softest, better […]

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