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Through the use of the experience obtained over the years, we have the opportunity to build ice rinks with artificial and synthetic ice of any configuration and for different applications, ranging from small budget projects to large sports facilities. Using high quality equipment and the latest developments in the industry allows cooling specialists of our […]

Modern tennis has almost nothing to do with tennis, which appeared early in the UK. It has long changed the types of players, equipment, and most importantly inventory. Tennis balls Dunlop, Wilson tennis rackets and Other elements have already become synonymous with the sport, which suggests that tennis has grown not only qualitatively its parent, […]

The second digit in the title – this is directly the diameter of the objective lens. Needless Of course, that the larger the diameter, the more light enters the binoculars. Here, surely it should be noted that if you want to buy binoculars so that you only use it during the day, then enough to […]

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