Internet People

Often I find very successful business people that when I leave their business card, strongly remind me – I’m on the Internet. Visit my page! – The address – of course – at the bottom of the card. Surprisingly, upon entering most of these sites – so graciously invited me to visit – I met with an institutional page, very pretty, sometimes with the latest technology, but when I want to know, what sold, what benefits would result from their products and / or services, and how to do to buy online, I find no answers. It happens that many people believe that you have to be online because it is fashionable, or because it is a form of advertising and that’s a fatal error. Because a website is like a business on a main road. If you open doors, but do not have a band and other official charged by what is sold, simply do not win, or rather lose. Can you imagine a flood of people entering your business interested in buying your products, and you can not sell anything because they can not charge them? What a waste! Draws a parallel with your business on the Internet, receiving thousands of visits from potential customers who enter your site and must leave disappointed because they can not buy anything, because you do not have an online payment system. “You waste all that traffic? Of course not. The only reason why you can afford the luxury of not having an online sales system, is that you’re in the branding phase branding.

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