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The Requirements

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Finally, emphasizes the paper of the professor. As it can act and what he fits to the pupil. We also want to speak on the formation of the professional of the education and as if she locates in relation to the culture of the change and the conviviality with the uncertainty. 1 Education, school and […]

Vladivostok Car

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Every motorist knows of Vladivostok, the car must be somewhere to store. Home did not carry, so you'll have to shell out for a paid parking lot or at the risk of leaving their car near the entrance, which categorically not recommended. Let us approach this issue is not private, and within Vladivostok, and we […]

The Fixation

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The analysts absolutely study the influence in the parts and vice versa, the effect produced by the selective action of the individuals in the network; from the structure to the relation and the individual, from the behavior to the attitude. Since these analyses have been said are realised either in complete networks, where the bows […]

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