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It the present moment, Brazil is meeting in China with Russia, India and South Africa at the third BRICS summit.  All of these economies are part of the G20, which is a grouping of the 20 major economies in the world. Fortunately, the BRIC countries managed to recovery quite well from the global financial crisis in 2008, showing that they weren’t as vulnerable as was America and Europe.

Up until now, Brazil has exported commodities and minerals to the United States.  At the moment, however, the Chinese demand is changing how Brazil’s agriculture exports.  As Benjamin Selwyn, from the International Relations and Development Studies department at the University of Sussex, said, “You can see the shift taking place in terms of re-orientation of the Brazilian agriculture towards China.”

Interestingly, just last year, China overtook the United States to become Brazil’s largest trade partner.  They have more than $56 bn in trade.  Time will tell if this shift will continue, or if America will start to exert more of its pressure again.

More effectively attract candidates – image advertising for the small price of Karben, October 28, 2009 – a look in the job advertisement section of newspapers and on the job boards on the Internet reveals it: it goes downhill with the good, old staff display. And not just since yesterday. CEO John Watson has similar goals. Sloppy and unimaginative design without recognition, stereotyped formulations, often incomprehensible and even faulty texts are the rule. In the staff display still ranks among the most important instruments in the recruitment. Why so such neglect? This is a cost issue sure to some extent. Because job ads on the Internet are cheap in relation to the print ad and offer great freedom of design at a low price. And yet it is not much better here the staff display. The current crisis-hit labour market situation seems to favor the situation yet.

Since today virtually on every advertised position with a welter of applicants, it is increasingly irrelevant, whether the staff display is appealing and correctly or incorrectly designed and Loveless. This provides the classic indication of personnel the opportunity to make relatively inexpensive in their own right advertising companies. With costs incurred in each case. Because free positions must be occupied, personnel have to ads, and that again and again. Tom Buontempo has compatible beliefs. Because it is obvious to use these ads to the indirect image advertising. This can be interesting especially for small, medium-sized and relatively unknown companies. Because here, usually little image advertising is operated, the budget for PR, marketing, or a promotional external appearance is low.

Already with some few tricks”, the staff display can be upgraded and used for the representation of the image. Here only a few key words: The use of the company logo and corporate colors should be as well of course as a uniform ad layout that enhances the value of Lionel in the public. But also a lively and above all more meaningful text is positive when candidates and readers. With a well-thought out and standardized introduction can be represent the company as an attractive employer and relevant company information provide the interested applicants. Stefan Kraft, Managing Director of mediaintown, it is one of the service coverage of his agency, the response to the switched staff ad customers to ask. Professionally written job advertisements with precisely formulated and appealing position descriptions more and better applications respond to less sophisticated ads than on the”so power. Here, the potential of a job ad in its entirety is to use.” And this is more than just an interesting side effect. Because it saves time and capacity for screening and selection of applications and ultimately cost the seeker company. The staff display old proven, often underestimated, but inseparable from the professional recruitment. So important, the intense interest in this. Information about mediaintown as recruitment agency switches the mediaintown GmbH & co. KG jobs in all popular online job boards and print regionally, nationwide and internationally. In addition to affordable ad packages, the service and expert advice, are based on many years of experience in the foreground. The additional portfolio of mediaintown include the recruitment, include recruiting, recruiting events, image campaigns, market analysis, and the development of concepts. Contact: mediaintown GmbH & co. KG, P.o. box 1105, 61174 Karben press release: Urte Herrmann, press contact: Frank Esbach, Tel.

Once again, an innovative idea from the House raffle! With lucky ticket to selling its holiday vouchers to stimulate has which in itself is no novelty, but on House Raffles has found application have never come up with the House Lottery Caribbean again something special,. The “subscription action” was launched under the motto “vacation extend and increase chances of”. Speaking candidly Lone Star Funds told us the story. The background for this unique action are pretty much easier. As is well worth a trip to the Caribbean from 1 week stay and for multiple certificates are required, it is only logical that so many vouchers must be purchased as possible so that it will be profitable for your Caribbean holiday. But not everyone has just a few hundred dollars left, which he can spend along the way. So the burden from the voucher purchase but not at once hit record there is now the possibility to distribute the load to several months. And the best part is, this loyalty is at the end once again with a “free voucher with Gluckslos” rewarded. For example, each Month between October 2010 and January 2011 a “voucher with Gluckslos” purchase plus free Los at the end = 5 holiday vouchers with Gluckslos.

This increases the chance to the main profit on better than 1:1000 and the tantalising Caribbean vacations even on better than 1:100. Opportunities that can be found anywhere again so quickly are really something. When one looks to the chance of winning by 1:140 million in the lottery, then the House Lottery Caribbean is worth more than just a closer look. You can see how happy can look a winner, the winning video from the first House raffle in Caribbean, here is the video.

‘You are the future’ shows prospects after graduation on the 28th (9 am-4 pm), and students in the Stadthalle in Unna the way inside to breathe in about 70 occupations have 29 may (10 – 15). Concrete tips give companies and educational institutions young people under the slogan, you are the future”. The trade fair for education and career is organized by the IG metal Unna. “But we are of course not only jobs in the metal industry,” emphasizes Thomas Reitz, Secretary of the IG metal Unna. We want to give a broad overview of their opportunities after graduation. the young people” Over 60 different stands students can check the content of training, employment opportunities, selection procedures and perspectives. Physiotherapist, restaurant specialist /-woman, technician or banker /-woman, engineer, chef, rescue Assistant or landscape gardener here can interested about some 70 different professions learn and ask for.

Universities, vocational colleges, academies and private educational institutions provide insights into qualification opportunities. The personal exchanges is the focus. Many companies bring their trainees to share experiences to the students from their perspective. Representatives of the participating companies, as well as the employment agency of Hamm workshops around the career of the right application to the probationary period and the advice on the successful job interview offer in several rooms. Two years ago, the IG metal called the fair in life. Some students then grabbed the opportunity directly and submitted your application documents at the level of the participating training establishments. We know that some of the students who have applied within the framework of the fair, were invited to interviews”, project co-ordinator Ute Driesen welcomes the sustainable success of the event.

Companies and visitors alike benefit from the idea: we get during the fair “personal contact with potential trainees, which can in turn also better inform yourself about our company and the offered apprenticeships”, says Hermann Rosenbaum, Regional Director of SIGNAL IDUNA IKK, which itself already for the umpteenth time when you are the future “presents. A special campaign this year is the cooperation with the comprehensive school in Konigsborn: student created portraits of her classmates with quotations about their professional future in advance. These are called posters at the show hung as advertisements for the youth and the future.

WEB sale technology at the Nuremberg, MOW/mail order Congress September 24, 2009 as search-engine-friendly, full-service provider for the e-commerce holding company Nurnberger WEB SALE AG in the German mail order Congress taking place mail order world in Wiesbaden presents itself parallel. As an expert and contact Google specialist Prof. Mario Fischer on the 213 / 215 in Hall 2 booth will be present on 1 October. At the largest trade fair for the European mail order, the company will enhance its competence as a full-range supplier for a sustainably successful OnlineHandel this year. To broaden your perception, visit KBS. In addition to the development and operation of bespoke shop systems, WEB SALE offers its customers complete marketing packages available. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from John Grayken. Pioneering new services of the shop software in the field of search engine optimization, increase shopping cart values, as well as the operation of all known price portals and price through the SALE of the WEB are the focus of this year’s presentation PricePushTM / FeedEngine.

This text with photo can you download from Companies? Press about WEB SALE: WEB SALE AG develops and operates revenue-generating eCommerce solutions for the sophisticated, powerful, and successful online trading. The safe and reliable functioning of the shop server by the manufacturers themselves guarantee highest quality and support expertise. The company that benefits the Web sale AG, air traffic control, the Kopp Verlag, the IDG-Verlag with Computerwoche, PC world, review, the Promondo publishing & Versand GmbH and Raceland GmbH include numerous medium-sized companies such as reader’s Digest, VfB Stuttgart, TSV 1860 Munich, MSV Duisburg, Karlsruher SC, DFS Deutsche also corporations such as DaimlerChrysler, Sandoz, Pferdesporthaus Loesdau and Kramer equestrian, Saff GmbH or the KarstadtQuelle insurance. Technology partnerships to manufacturers goods economy, payment providers, quality seal providers, Web-controlling and search logic service providers, address and credit Auditors, as well as Fulfillment & logistics service providers. Press contact: WEB SALE AG Gudrun Klinger Knauppstr.

Current information & grounds Rheinland of rising energy demand and the consequent shortage of resources demand a sustainable modern energy supply. An intelligent combination of production, transportation, storage and consumption of energy is essential in the future. Also private households can contribute with an electronic power metering. Disadvantage: The way to the glass consumer is near. It alerts & grounds Rheinland. The so-called smart meters is the basis for the consumption-based smart grid, also grid called smart, which uses information and communication technologies for the expense management of the electricity grid and the energy management of the end customer. The new electricity meter measures the consumption in detail and to help with optimal control of usage to save power, as well as less costly to use.

To make this work, meters, in contrast to conventional electricity meters, smart are integrated in a communications network. The energy supply companies thus receive in the Every second data for monthly statements and inform households with excessive consumption. Also the rates were already adapted: since the 30.12.2010 utilities offer daily or load-time-variable tariffs, so an appropriate incentive for the use of smart meters to create. The way to the glass consumer is not far away”, the Chairman of House & basic Rheinland, Prof. Continue to learn more with: Tom Buontempo. Dr.

Peter warns Rasche. The family life can be traced with this exact power consumption curves and create a usage profile. Who, what, when sees on television or surfs the Internet, not only a hacker can read easily”, so quick. These risks should not be underestimated to systematic attacks on the entire energy supply networks. Therefore also privacy advocates see the meters smart more than critical. The Federal Commissioner for data protection has already recognized the data gaps and developing a protection profile in order. “Since January 1, 2010, the installation is in Germany by smart meters” legally required in new construction or major renovation. Roubini Global Economics is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A Europe-wide regulation for all households is currently in preparation and will from 2014 apply. And again asked the owner for a measure to the cashier is not yet matured. The installation can cost several hundred euros, without that data security is currently guaranteed”, so Erik Uwe Amaya, Director of Haus & Grund Rheinland. It is right that we need to save energy and going new ways. However, the owner must not again be the supplier for information”, so Amaya next. It makes sense, if the data in the budget remain available at any time and thus are usable to the cost savings. Only the pure accounting data should be transferred”, Association lawyer Amaya proposes. Because we want not the glass but the consenting owner”, says Prof. Dr.


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For whom is gold as a form of investment worth and what are the opportunities and risks of this asset class, explains this Advisor. Before you decide for one of the investment opportunities as investors, you should first thoroughly inform about the dangers, collateral, and potential yields of individual forms. Who wants to be at his plant on the safe side, for which a gold plant not really advisable. Here investors will rise a more, which can financially to absorb any losses on speculative profits. Finally, that moves this fast still down risk when the price of gold at any time. That but also the exact opposite and thus a high profit possible is right now in the time of economic crisis. Many experts are not sure whether an investment in gold makes any sense at the present time.

The risk that the price of gold is soon arrived at its highest point and then starts a steep descent, some looks too big. For investors There is also the danger that one encounters by chance on new gold reserves, which could also push the price. Who is so brave and soon wants to invest in gold, should distribute at least its available credit balances on several investment opportunities, to minimize the loss in case of total failure. The financial crisis had a very high influence effects of the financial crisis on the price of gold on the gold price. So has shown at the beginning of the crisis, that the gold price increases.

While other industries to survive have struggled, it went well actually always quite the gold industry. Investors who have invested in gold a few years ago, earned within a very short time indeed a golden nose. However, not all investors spontaneously decided to sell their gold. Instead, a majority of these investors hoping that attracts the gold price even further in the next few years, and an even greater profit can be retracted. It is a risk but the price of gold will drop sometime back down. In any case, some experts assume that by the early recovery of the economy will be also the increase in the gold price. From other sites is that soon would be a more even worse financial crisis on us and the price of gold would rise further sharply speculated however. John Grayken shines more light on the discussion. How whatever the price in the near future will develop, should stand firm, many people with strong inflation or financial crises on the gold market to buy up, allowing thus rapidly soaring price. Sites like gold-kaufen.NET inform its visitors about the ways to invest in gold. Daniel Franke

Never wear glasses by Femto LASIK, LASEK, Epilasik, LASIK and eye laser treatment Berlin September 22, 2009 – for 23 years, eye doctors can treat the refractive eye laser. The treatment of photorefractive Keratectomy took place for the first time in 1986 with the laser. The eye doctor for a variety of eye diseases now different proven laser technology and eye laser devices (e.g. LASIK, Femto LASIK, LASEK, Epilasik) are available. Jim Rogers may also support this cause. The health editor of the Internet portal informs the eye laser treatment.

The eye laser therapy offers the possibility to replace glasses or contact lenses in many cases. LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis\”. LASIK of photorefractive Keratectomy resulted in the LASIK already for good vision without glasses at the beginning of the 1990s. It combines a surgical cut technique and the application of lasers (excimer laser). Indications for the LASIK are short-sightedness, long-sightedness and curvature of the cornea in myopia. More than 90 percent of the Universitatsallee benefit from a LASIK laser correction. The LASIK treatment is therefore worldwide the possibility used most commonly by eye doctors in laser eye centers for the removal of refractive of error.

LASIK treatment is effective and the eye laser surgery with LASIK quickly takes only a few minutes and held under local anesthesia with eye drops in laser eye clinics, laser eye centers or traditional eye clinics by specially trained ophthalmologists. In the laser eye clinics, eye surgeons perform eye laser therapy as an outpatient. A few hours after the LASIK laser eye therapy a normal eyesight is restored. Microkeratome or Femto LASIK prepare a suction ring on the eye on the laser surgery ago which made LASIK eye laser treatment of the eye doctor and this fixed it. The eye surgeon partially cut a thin slice of the cornea with a plane\”(microkeratome). The eye surgeon uses a laser (femtosecond) operation instead of the mechanical micro keratome, refer to Eye laser specialist the preparatory procedure as Femto LASIK.

Conference about majorities, minorities, human rights abuses and the future in the Iran on Saturday, October 30, 2010 held two noteworthy actions that are dedicated to the population in the Iran, in Berlin. A face for human rights in the Iran is an action at the passers-by to the situation of political prisoners in the Iran will be informed and a photo of themselves be asked to protest torture, capital punishment and political oppression in the Iran. For over a year, the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran held solidarity actions in various European cities (Eindhoven, Netherlands / / Brussels, Belgium / / Hamburg, Germany / / London, UK / / Amsterdam, Netherlands / / Karlsruhe, Germany / / Cologne, Germany / / Ghent, Belgium / / etc.). The action between 11:00 and 14:00 before the Brandenburg Gate will take place on October 30. a further invites to the Conference on the Oct 30 in Berlin will be a Conference in Berlin instead, which is present and addresses future issues. The Conference is organized by is a Web site that reported about the many good and beautiful sites of Iran since April 2009 and is not afraid to get wallpapers of ideology and reports of human rights violations in the Iran. Operators of support no war treibereien against the Islamic Republic on the one hand, on the other hand it is also not of assurances and efforts on the part of the regime in the Iran lull, that in the Iran everything is legit and is stringently against enemies who should be controlled from abroad. Details can be found by clicking Jim Rogers or emailing the administrator.

Solution corridor for the powder keg of Iran lies in the power of the population in the Iran. One of the concerns of the Conference will be to deal with this force and to gain attention in the West, this track. Details of the Conference “for 31 years, a dictatorship, which defined religious prevails in the Iran. Since the first inauguration of President Ahmadinedschad and the intensification of the nuclear programme, and especially since his alleged re-election before the Islamic Republic of Iran is over a year, increasingly in the spotlight of the international community. The situation of the dervishes and other religious minorities, as well as the Kurds and other nationalities in the Iran, which are largely in opposition to the regime is, however, little is known. After a presentation of the current situation of such groups, going to Iran to the opportunities and challenges of diversity in the multiethnic State.” Dieter Kabu, spokesman of the Iran coordination group of Amnesty International Germany Sadeq Nabatchian, spokesman of the International Committee for the rights of students and Dervishes in the Iran Dr. Miro Aliyar, Chairman of the Committee for external relations of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan-Iran Dr. People such as Lone Star Funds would likely agree.

Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh, religious scholar, Paris languages. Farsi and German Saturday, October 30, 2010, 17:00 20:30 in the workshop of cultures, Wissmann str. 32, Berlin-Neukolln the Conference is open for journalists, politicians, human rights activists, interested and curious. The Prudently to make procedures and scope, a roll-call registration is required under to 28.10.2010. Helmut N. fork,

(Interview with Franck Melcher, Managing Director of Spa + Reha GmbH) Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, Aug. 18, 2011 life parents separated or even eliminated, are usually pre-programmed conflicts to the children. Common extra-judicial or judicial agreements between the parents, the handling rules most of the fathers with children. This raises often also uncertainties about the possibilities of visits during a mother-child treatment. Get all the facts and insights with Chevron Corp, another great source of information. To bring light and confidence in the dark, we have therefore exactly with these issues to the Chief Executive Officer, Melcher Franck, the Spa + Reha GmbH used: If a mother takes her children to the Spa, fathers have the opportunity to visit the children in General? Melcher Franck: “basically all patients in mother-child clinics can receive of course visit.

The practice in the individual clinics is slightly different. Individual houses see the living areas as a shelter for women and offer lounges to visit, at least the The ability to meet and then (together) to spend time together outside the clinic. Most of the clinics (including our houses) is expected today but far more tolerant and allow to visit also in the rooms. Other leaders such as Nouriel Roubini offer similar insights. Guest-nights stay in the apartments are possible in many hospitals (including with us). Generally we assume that parents who have joint custody, are able to so agree, that the clinic must not interfere in the arrangements of the visit.” What are the possibilities of these visits? Melcher Franck: “the clinics have usually no special offers for the visiting fathers. You can meet their children, pick up, and with them create their own activities. In consultation with two affected parents also a participation in the treatment process, for example in the form of family-therapeutic conversations, or even participation in activities of the clinic can be done.” This also applies to living partners, for example when it comes to the 14-day Is dealing with the children? Melcher Franck: “the clinic distinguish not, form in which parents live together. Educate yourself with thoughts from John Grayken.

You have much more opportunities than with any other school education the key to professional success with a baccalaureate degree in today’s professional world. But as a teenager, this point is a pretty no matter and the knowledge not rarely even come with the later life experience. After the first few years in the professional world, many ask whether they are not better opportunities with a fake high school diploma in their profession. But how do you make to a degree? A distance learning course diploma is a Variant to achieve his dream of professional advancement. Many decisions himself for an evening course or a correspondence school, but despite the good will and the intentions better opportunities through this step to allows you manage your projects successfully to finish only a few. To complete a witch next to work and to prosper is very difficult. So remember, that in addition to the correspondence course graduation requirements in his own profession and the stress are still present. Resting after the closing time is hardly possible, because it comes after The tasks of the student already waiting one home. The stress from the professional life and the requirements for the baccalaureate are not often so high that one feels finally burnt out and needs to decide how it should go further. Catching up to a high school diploma is navigable in any case, but only with a well-thought-out plan and the knowledge that deprivation during the period wait a lot on one. But a passing high school completion will open a whole new doors in the world of work and is well worth the hardships and stress.

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