The Opportunity

During the first face-to-face waters overflowed and my small River clean enough so that the rest of the waters were flowing with more smoothness and entered fresh water and sweet to his cause. Currently I am aware that in the first semesters the information that you gave us, the arrangement of materials, the way they are taught especially during the face-to-face, is masterful, me destructivo enormous, I felt like steel in tempering process; at some point we were discussing things that advocating the mental work and when I was ready to enter fully into the we continued with the internalization or with land seen on concrete facts of life itself, it was a go and come from one eye to another, from outside inward, or conversely, that there was no more than live itschemes were not used and they could not see clearly. The first lessons for my are still invaluable are which expose the development of science and the formation of the mecanicista-cientificista vision, as I understood it, I grasp from there and has been the tip of Hank to start the order internally and externally, the accumulation of knowledge and experiences brought the tangled began to settle and I got full on it, initially, I wanted to do it from the head, it was not possible, I had to release. The first half was more difficult that the second, in fact the second half already had released a lot thought as element from where he saw the experience where I was, the semi-annual meetings consolidated this attitude, for the second face-to-face meeting of the second semester, the conflict and suffering had decreased by 80%, the degree of understanding of holismcompared with the home it was considerably larger and work with myself was taking a beautiful cause, even I felt eager to communicate to all my discoveries and understanding, however when he spoke individually with some friends on the subject gave me realize that I was not yet possible to communicate with clarity regarding relations intra and interpersonal as well as with the environment began to be more soft and fluid; I still had in my haste and great mental activity, but was more open and willing to experience and the equanimity he was in me, this State was very important because at end of this period I stay without employment, which gave me the opportunity to realize a great yearning: release one of the most Andean addictions in my life, however gave me dread; enters a very strong and deep, personal work thanks to the order, still emerging which had achieved by labour at the mastery and equanimity that it gave me, I left afloat with more speed, clarity and strength than I had expected, the process was almost all the third semester, this time I maintained constantly inward, in deep introspection, self-examination, self-observation and internal work, – body emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual-constant and conscious, twenty-four hours a day and that more that a decision was a need deep being, which was very supported by labour in the mastery with which also realized that the spirit always acts in our lives with these activities and advances I realize the importance and profound work had given me a work of meditation that I was building, apparently without a guide, in working with my emotions and attachments.

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