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The Entrepreneur

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In the first one – cavacada – of sunday (immediately previous to the gone one of Jorge to the Alentejo), Ernestinho displays the plot and the objection of the entrepreneur how much to the end of the part: it intends to remove the tone – dramatical – of the outcome and to substitute it for […]

This to paper is literature review, interviews with adds experts and through an empirical study you identify the barriers that existed in relation you the African culture and you seek plausible explanations you keeps out of society the culture of blacks. KEYWORDS: Black. African culture. Marginalization. 1. INTRODUCTION the discrimination suffered for the blacks is […]

The representative greater of the lyricism in Portugal, Luis Vaz de Cames (1524? – 1580), wrote its poems in form of soneto, composites for two quartetos and two tercetos, and that they contained ten poetical syllables, that is, had a rigid fixidez in its poems, that also can be known as sonetos camonianos. Chevron Corp […]

The cookbook special at makes kitchen novice chefs cooking has become a real craft, where well-known chefs in the television try new taste combinations. But cooking is an art, which operates daily every person at the domestic hearth no matter whether simple bags soup or multi-course gala dinner. With the large Cookbook special, […]

“The literature Portal takes stock after the Leipzig book fair 2011 Hamburg, 29.03.2011 2011 we are seeing nothing of the E-books the hour”, as the Chief Executive of the Booksellers Association of the German book trade Alexander ski Puppis at a press conference to present the E-book study of the Booksellers Association. The development […]

The mind (of the poet) always must be alert, observing the social world, problems and the new possibilities that the life offers. The sheet of paper to have to be receptive to the new to reach its fullness. The result of this battle between paper and mind results in rectilinear traces that we admire when […]


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For Bern (1988), ' ' So that it exists a ficcional speech of the black is necessary that the black defines the image that it exactly possesss of itself and that it consolidates the initiated process already of construction of a conscience of being black in America. (…) Searching to assume itself as subject of […]

On several occasions I found people who mentioned hopefully and give me the opportunity, initially seems logical to think that many people have not excelled or achieved their goals because it has not given them the opportunity, also I found with certain statements like the following opportunity only comes once, opportunities are bald if they […]

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