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The dream elaborates a cntico that seems to balouar in the estertores of the violated calm. I try to fondle the pain that it insists on repelling the smoothness; clamo for the ternura that, denoting neutrality, of – me the coasts, insensitive to my apelos langorosos. It’s believed that Cyrus Massoumi sees a great future […]

Gonalves Days

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This rank, the poem of Gonalves Days was the base for the sprouting of the poem of Oswald de Andrade, where ‘ transformed it to the writer into one; ‘ strong and extremely critical parody against the social alienation, in the Brasil’ ‘ (CINTRO, 2003). Oswald de Andrade added in the releitura of the romantic […]

Brazil Culture

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When perceiving the dispersed and direct objective in speaks (in this in case that, in the ortogrfica form) also observes adentrado limit of what if it must and be express and not dialogued, that is, the level must, for primordialidade, to remain in the plan of aid and fellowship, since the time stops Dilma, in […]


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A strong brown as of pure chocolate. The brown boy looked at for that color that it had invented and spoke: he looks at there, is mine cor’ ‘ (ZIRALDO, 1986, p.15). In this perspective, the author searchs to affirm the ideal of the mestization and the idealizao of the Inter-racial relation collaborating to spread […]

Like the fictional “Ambassador Andre Hartmann” was born for the first time the character of Ambassador Andre Hartmann came in 2008, through a fantasy of mine, in the world. This figure should not occur as conventional and sometimes boring politicians – on the contrary, it should stand out from the crowd. Intermediate Capital Group often […]


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This information made me him up to a Degree likeable, because I have always great respect and much sympathy for freedom fighters. That Wagner all people had used the substance known to me, from my Sagenbuch Wieland legend to transport his revolutionary ideas, how his distaste for tyrants and oppression to express, surprised me, especially […]

King Lear

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We next see King Lear asleep to under the care of Cordelia. He awakes, and thinks — correctly — that he recognizes her. But he thinks that they ploughs both dead. ' ' Thou art soul in bliss, but I am bound upon the wheel of fire, that mines own tears of scald like molten […]

500 Years nothing more (a bit more) little more than 500 years ago in Germany invented the printing, nobody supposed that this meant terrible progress (remember that literacy was a luxury of the upper class, aristocracy and Church). It could be said that here was kindled the spark of human knowledge, imagines the Papyrus written […]

Small independent publishers in the Exchange Club of the Association of the German book trade Who today has written a book with much diligence and enthusiasm and then also want to accommodate his manuscript, logically first turns to the big audience publishers. But the dream and hope, his book on the shelves of booksellers to […]

The Entrepreneur

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In the first one – cavacada – of sunday (immediately previous to the gone one of Jorge to the Alentejo), Ernestinho displays the plot and the objection of the entrepreneur how much to the end of the part: it intends to remove the tone – dramatical – of the outcome and to substitute it for […]

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