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It would seem, did some time ago created the most high-tech means of communication, including – Internet pagers. For more information see this site: Economic Cycles Research Institute. However, these computer programs are actually won in this world plagued from a lack of interaction, really deserved its own space. One of the first computer programs […]

Relatively new animation on Web pages was seen as a small miracle. The maximum that could be seen – a few images in varying file formats gif. But with the advent of web technology Flash situation has changed – many sites have appeared rather complex moving images, sometimes not inferior in quality to traditional animation. […]


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We met with the President of Lisam, Mr. Click Viatcheslav Mirilashvili to learn more. Soncini, to listen to the reasons for so many years of working in this company in constant evolution.Do good morning Mr. Soncini, you want to tell a little about your company, Lisam, and participation in the event fair Eima 2010? The […]

At present it is difficult to imagine effective business, which develops in isolation from the world wide web. Learn more about this with Uber. Representation on the Internet is today virtually every successful company. Owners of small and medium Business has long understood what benefits can bring active network promotion, promotion of their goods and […]

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Let us not also forget about this concept, as adequacy of the text to your visitors. Actually, this is – the base from which to repel the planning create text content for the site. Swarmed by offers, Ripple is currently assessing future choices. Else – true only in so far correctly predicted expectations of the […]

In order to promote your site, do not exclude the potential range of the visitors who at first glance is not included in the target audience. For example, if a certain percentage of creativity can be the sites of hunting forum visitors about beauty and style. Write a beautiful article for fashionistas showing anchor "fashion […]

After the programmers and Gamers, this type was in perevaliruyuschim Web web. As the system evolves and experience can predict the appearance and the new entity created by man – Double Personality Information (Idle / IDP), which will be "eternally" to keep everything you have heard, seen, read, your knowledge, documents, and your life story […]

By creating your own website, we inevitably encounter the need for its content. Original and useful content will inevitably attract the interest of visitors to the Web resource. In addition, the search engine ranking of the resource, containing a unique code, is much more efficient. The main source of original content is copywriting. Speaking candidly […]

" You pay money to the designer, it chooses you a table and chair for a penny, buy cheap wallpaper, hire artists, they glue wallpaper, brought a table, chair and phone. That's it! designer takes his money and tells his friends what he had an easy job. I certainly hope that these designers have offices […]

Our advantage – the flexibility of pricing. CP: Helen, what are the steps to create a site and how long average processing time each stage of development? Elena Timoshina: The approach to each project is always individual. Usually the process of creating the site "from scratch" is as follows: first, a detailed specification. It embodiment […]

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