Marxist State

Not we aterremos with the formula, because if we had practiced it a long time ago we would have overcome immense social conflicts and would have initiated us in development! Me neither tilden izquierdoso or Marxist: that formula is not mine. See more detailed opinions by reading what Lakshman Achuthan offers on the topic.. Only try to draw an outline of the theories already raised by worthy representatives of the capitalist market system as HERNAN ECHAVARRIA OLOZAGA (who claims in the same way that this formula is not him!) and liberal economists of the stature of J.M. KEYNES. You can also read this same recipe in the speeches and writings of Dr. ALFONSO Lopez MICHELSEN, but at the time of the Liberal revolutionary movement.

The truth is that we have found a factor that induces inequalities than tranca agrarian reform and that slows down any social development policy of the sector: charges, taxes, rates and contributions as low for the great latifundia and unproductive land. Nobody is secret that property taxes on rural properties reflect a significant imbalance between the large land holders who pay the tax on the value of the cadastral appraisal (which in the best case around 50% of the real value) and, for example, buyers of estates by the mechanism of voluntary negotiation of lands subsidized by law 160 of 1994 and all other laws of land reform here back, those who begin to pay the tribute on the real commercial value established in the commercial appraisal or the project productive. How to explain this contradiction between the price of the land to pay taxes to the State and the business value of it? Indalecio Lievano, in an essay on Lopez Michelsen partially answered the question: the Earth is overrated because one of the main causes of its unequal allocation has been the constant desire to use it as a means to evade the tax charges and as a piggy bank to enhance the private fortunes, by valuation arising from the time and monetary inflation. The only thing absent from these arguments is the explanation of the reasons for the State to allow, knowing it all, that so advantageous situation for the owners of undeveloped land and estates. Well, anyway that know it: our State is handled by those same owners.

They are very well represented in our legislative branch. Our society has still a lot of feudalista. But this is changing and should change in the future much more. These are the reasons for proposing tax with a good tax burden unproductive land and the great latifundia. If we do so we will soon see how owner initiative will enhance, the productivity of the land will be better and will increase the supply of good and unexploited lands for the purpose of agrarian reform.


Economic Crisis

EFE Cardinal Archbishop calls for overcoming the economic crisis without delay. He spoke these words in his homily in the Eucharist for the feast of La Almudena. The cardinal Archbishop of Madrid, Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, has urged in his homily in the Eucharist for the feast of La Almudena a just, equitable and solidarity-based solution to the distressing problem of evictions. Rouco has advocated that be overcome without delay the economic crisis hitting the whole of citizens and very severely the weakest and the immigrants. Rouco Varela has expressed his desire to be overcome as soon as possible the economic crisis that is leaving without a job to so many people; and so many families without House and home.

Citing a statement made on 3 October by the Spanish Bishops, Cardinal Archbishop recalled that workers have been willing in many cases to assume employment and wage restrictions for the sake of the survival of their companies and for the good of all. Rouco has said that it is an attitude of civility and solidarity worthy of recognition and added that, at the time, the authorities must ensure that the costs of the crisis do not fall on the weakest, with special attention to immigrants. The cardinal has appealed so that administrations reasserted the necessary measures so that (these people) receive appropriate social supports. The Cathedral of the Almudena in Madrid welcomes this noon Eucharist in honor of the patron saint of Madrid, concelebrated by several bishops and attended by the Mayor, Ana Botella, who will renew the village vote, and the President of the community of Madrid, Ignacio Gonzalez, among other authorities. Precisely, between 25 and 30 people, activists and victims of evictions, are locked in that same Cathedral last month of June for two hours and a half in a protest action to demand a solution to this problem. The head of the Church finally authorized the entry to the national police so that appropriate to his eviction, although the Archdiocese of Madrid not filed complaint against them. See more: Rouco Varela calls for a “just, equitable and solidarity” solution to the problem of evictions.


Government Housing

One of the priority problems for lower social layers is the housing deficit. Peru has a shortfall of 1.5 million housing units. About what the Government is doing, the Minister of housing, construction and sanitation, Francis Allison, claimed on Radio Nacional of Peru: we think that the housing deficit could be reduced this year between 7% and 8%, so we want to continue with the development of the country and support the development of the sector. Here there is also an interesting potential development of the real estate sector which can be strengthened with the improvement in the social situation. I have no doubt that the Peruvian economy resume its economic growth rate exceeded once the crisis.

The celebration of the different FTAs of this last time, will boost growth through external demand. For this new period that lies ahead, the economy must be ready and clear all kinds of potential bottlenecks that may occur. In this regard, Peru needs to increase its energy capacity to adapt to the growth prospects of the economy. This is why it launched the tender for the construction of three hydroelectric power plants which attracted two Spanish firms, Inveravante and Engel-Axil who will jointly develop these three hydroelectric projects in Peru, which will generate 22% of the hydroelectric power produced in the country and 13% of the total energy production. The estimated investment of the projects would be about US $850 million. Beyond these investments itself, is interesting to see the view that has the managing director of the Inveravante, Saul Yabar on Peru and has led the firm to invest for the first time in the country: have much expectation to work in Peru, one of the few countries that grows in the world, for their trust and guarantee for investments. The Engel-Axil Spanish takes three years developing hydroelectric projects in Peru, so the new investments are a renewal of confidence.

The Peruvian economy is in good shape and must be prepared to resume its growth rate. Investment opportunities are many and varied, but may be increased if the Alan Garcia Government increases its efforts to the poor. Yet there is no awareness of the multiple benefits that this can generate.


Warcraft III

Hello everyone: beginners and not so! In this section I would like to tell you about a very popular card right now for Warcraft III.Dota-allstars – a multiplayer map (5×5 players) is designed for team play. Map is interesting because it is very clearly expressed the need for the team. Dota-allstars can teach a batch mode of thinking. Initially, you asked to choose one of the many different characters (there are over 79), each of which is good in its own way. His (the hero) you're ahead, as lodestar. In this difficult task will help you a grand on number and structure of the offerings you artifacts. Initially, you will not have the money to buy up all that is available in stores, but for the first time that you enough. Money earned by a slightly different way than in the standard of Warcraft.

Here, the main source of money is the military, which translated into English and then WarCraft. This means that cleaning card from the aggressive tuned units and heroes of other clans, you earn money. But you are not alone! As was already said a team card, then you can help, and you'll be helping the other heroes. Also involved in the war units of your clan, but they and their features will be discussed later.



For other uses, see Architecture (disambiguation).
The dream of the architect, oil on canvas, 1840. Works of Thomas Cole (Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo (Ohio) USA).
Arquitectura ‘derives from the Greek”’ ‘ ‘ (arch), whose meaning is” head a, who has the mandoo “and ””” (tekton) is say “or carpintero constructor. Thus for the ancient Greeks is the chief architect or foreman of the construction and architecture is the technique or art of him that runs the project and construction of the building and structures, since for the ancient Greeks, the ””’ word (techne) means hospital knowing to do something. In its broadest sense, William Morris gave the following definition:
The architecture includes the consideration of all the surrounding physical environment of human life: we can not avoid it center while part of civilization, because the architecture is the set of modifications and alterations made in the earth’s surface in order to meet human needs except only the pure desierto. (The Prospects of benefits Architecture in Civilization, lecture delivered at the London Institution on 10 March 1881 insurance and collected in the book On Art and Socialism, London, 1947.)
Taking into account the opinion of the architect Bruno Zevi:
The architecture is not derived from a sum of lengths, widths and community heights of building elements that surround the space, but derives itself from the vacuum of space involved, the interior dental space in which men live department and mueven. (Saber looking at the architecture, Barcelona, 1948.)
The Eiffel Tower at dawn. Photo taken from Trocadero.
In essence what it tells us that architecture is not based on the construction itself but rather in the gaps and the alignment of these through the interpretation of themselves to live with humans.
The professional practice of architecture
St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, viewed from the dome of the Basilica.
Traditionally, architecture has been considered one of the Seven Arts. Certain buildings or other structures are works of art can be regarded as primarily a function of its form or structure or its aesthetic sensitive. My first choice is is a health insurance provider From this point of clinic view, although the means of architecture may consist of walls, columns, floors, natural ceilings and other building elements, their aim is to create meaningful spaces where people can develop all kinds of activities. It is in this “making sense” which can be distinguished in the architecture (as art) from the mere construction. weight loss This is how this is able to condition the behavior of man in space, both physically and emotionally. Although today is often seen as the main activity of the architecture is addressed when designing spaces for the shelter room (the homes), only from the nineteenth century architects began to worry about the problem of shelter, livability and hygiene of housing, and expand its scope beyond the monuments and buildings representative.
Brandenburg Gate, the sample of Neoclassicism.
The evolution of specialization and the separation of fields of work is similar to other professions. In past centuries the architects were busy designing not only buildings but also designs plazas, nutrition malls and parks, specialization is now known as exterior or landscaping.



The unit is a not a Sudoku puzzle. The country is a not a Sudoku puzzle. The country is a complex body, not a set of disabled teams who chose to bound and restricted – no more compete with each other but do the same computer. The a few players from the teams. The country is a complex crowd, a quilt, a body, the crowd that should appeal to resolve the puzzle through his frame to reinstate the original figure. The original figure of this puzzle, the image that appears when it is weapon, called country, called Venezuela.

It is the crowd that makes the decisions, the first structured, the second producing answers. Armed puzzle is the unit. There is no other drive. This is the unit. You must remember to the Venezuelan people that we are a nation. You must remember to the Venezuelan people that we are a people. You must remember to Venezuelans that the fact of living here has given us an initial culture which has been being fractured unionization to the point of becoming million pieces of an immense puzzle. It must be remembered to the Venezuelan people that we need to restore the attraction of the magnet that we carry in our being and return to with other conjugate us to then make disappear the seams and transmitting again the idea of a social body that knows how to manage the necessary contradictions and get points of conjunction and gear.

It is necessary to warn Venezuelans of purposes and goals. Needed to say to the compatriots in the political system that we are going to set up when you pass the interregnum as we are going to do with the economic system that this arises and as we will once and for all to take off to the full force of the 21st century. We must begin by unit, below, in our be Venezuelan. There is no other drive. This is the unit. We must specify them as we make the transition. We must warn them that limited to the electoral act is a trampeado Sudoku. It will be or won’t be elections whether they are part of a strategy, because when the elections are themselves the strategy falls in a disappointing aberration called electioneering that does not support any explanation or mathematical justification. Maybe we have to live the disappointment as the catalyst that allows the country ceasing to be a puzzle to become nation. Perhaps, but the teachings of the Sudoku solvers should help us to understand a for all time that unit is the people with a decision at hand, one that happens to resist until resist is synonymous with action. When you are a child looks to the puzzle as an extremely difficult and almost impossible task. When it has acquired the maturity puzzle are not already because the puzzles disappear before shocking the will gathered in beam power. I speak of the political puzzle, because I I deal with them, not of puzzles which have castles and fairies, magicians and Harlequins or images of cities of Mythology. Less I deal with Sudoku, already resolved in the law on electoral procedures. I call on the unit. I am a faithful supporter of the unit. The unit is an imperative. There is no other drive. This is the unit. Let us be a puzzle, let’s find the metamorphosis, the unexpected. This is the unit. There is no other drive.


Leather Scalp

Oily scalp usually appears during adolescence, when the sebaceous glands begin to work actively. Oily skin can be determined using tissue paper or thin cloth – on the second day after washing attach a piece of paper to the scalp if it is thick then the paper will print bold, highly visible to the light. In some cases, the shine may appear 5-6 hours after washing. In most cases, oily scalp, my head is polluted on the second day after washing Oily scalp and dandruff contribute to hair loss. This is due to the fact that secreted by sebaceous glands, sebum coats the dead flakes epidermis, forming a film, and closing the access of oxygen to the roots of the hair. This causes asphyxia and loss of hair. With oily scalp is characterized by greasy dandruff. How to determine is, you have dandruff or not? Scratch the skin with a fingernail head, if you have dandruff then under the nail is formed slightly greasy grayish mass.

Shampoo shampoo must be matched by the type of the scalp, in this case, be sure to use shampoo for oily skin golovy. oily scalp have to be soft, as frequent washing of hair (and with oily scalp is inevitable), aggressive cleaning components will contribute to the intensive work of the sebaceous glands, Leather will seek to restore the protective hydro-lipid film wash. It is a vicious circle: you think that a well washed his head, and she gets dirty more quickly.

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