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Coaching is a process of training and learning, a discipline that arises in the beginning very closely linked to sporting activities, where the Coach accompanies a person or team to achieve the desired results. Over time, the practice of Coaching transcended sporting space and drew on various theoretical currents (**), opening the possibility to all […]

The Executive Coaching this focused on the role played by a director, a Manager, a supervisor, etc., can be requested by himself or be a proposal put forward by the company. In the latter case it is essential to make the process viable, have the consent of the Coacheado (person who receives Coaching) and link […]


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I read Castle The thing touched to me as soon as the back undresses and surely followed to catch on of the wall of a color cream. During a second I felt like wretch abruptly, without still verifying what he was. Perhaps a cockroach or, in the best one of the cases, a bumblebee: he […]

In life nobody, absolutely nobody gets what he wants…Yes, you read correctly, you never get what you want.And before you close the page, think that I am crazy and start to write negative articles about me, let me finish the idea. In this life you will not get what you want, you’ll only get that […]

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