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Nice to have a second home somewhere in the middle of Europe! First, real estate abroad – is a solid and safe investment, and secondly, it is prestigious, and thirdly, it allows you to travel abroad freely, because generally buying property abroad, say in the Czech Republic, carried out in the country registered your company. […]

Vladivostok Car

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Every motorist knows of Vladivostok, the car must be somewhere to store. Home did not carry, so you'll have to shell out for a paid parking lot or at the risk of leaving their car near the entrance, which categorically not recommended. Let us approach this issue is not private, and within Vladivostok, and we […]

Bank Rent

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If you paid alimony to more children, then subtract 30% in accordance with the laws of accrued alimony. If you tell the bank that officially, you do not pay anything and will not pay, as there is an agreement with the former half, I think it will not help. Unofficially, you can pay as much […]

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