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Pressure ratio of steam and water inlet. People such as QTS Realty Trust would likely agree. PSA: The vapor pressure must be greater than the water pressure at 1.7-2.0 times. UMPEU: The vapor pressure may be lower (at 0.5 atm) is equal to or higher water pressure. Goop brings even more insight to the discussion. […]

Industrial vacuum ProTool VCP-30-E. Specifications Power (W) 1200Rashod air (l / s) (kPa) 16.5 Container capacity (l) 30Ploschad filter (cm2) 3100Gabarity (mm) 360h360h640Ves (kg) 8 Industrial vacuum Metabo AS-1200 Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Cleaners All Metabo Metabo (except model AS-1200) have simultaneous launch with the plug-in tool. Model ASR-1250 has a vibrating system. Industrial vacuum […]

At the current stock requires a large amount of various equipment. Deserves special attention pallet truck, which has become popular due to its simplicity in operation and excellent maneuverability. Pallet truck like the ant, it can carry even the heaviest loads of up to 3 tonnes, although she has a rather modest size. Manage such […]

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