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San Francisco

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Today if ve the composed constructive system for masonry structural marked by bulks in rocks and bricks, argamassado and coated for one mixture of whitewash, sand or clay, supported for the covering in wood, under these ceramic roofing tiles. Increasing it these elements cercadeira in cultivated rock (it would sing) to distinguish the vain ones […]

Aliny Arruda

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because not? Another day playing with a situation I said: ' ' any day, still we will witness a blind person talking with a deaf person, he said this for the fact of is learning LIBRAS*4 and then he came this thought that soon I mentioned for the actress Aliny Arruda who also was learning […]

The Nations

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This characteristic does not meet so loaded in the individuals of some crossbred supplies of hamitas even of berberes of that in them they had come numerous slaves: while the fulos and other peoples of eastern Africa who had also contributed for the formation of the Brazilian family if filiam for the hair softest, better […]

The objective of the condicionalidades is not to punish the families, but to make responsible of joint form the beneficiaries and the public power, that must identify the reasons of the not-fulfilment of the condicionalidades and implement public politics of accompaniment for these families. During accomplishment of this study we raise given considered preoccupying since […]

ATTENTION! I am launching the course ' ' INSTRUMENTS TECHNICIAN OF ASSISTANT SOCIAL' ' that he aims at to enable all the Social Assistants to elaboration of all the documentation necessary technique for professional performance, who better want to prepare themselves to act in the market of work with more ability. COURSE TOTAL IN THE […]

With its origin in the city of Seattle, in the United States, at the time of the movement grunge, the band of rock Pearl Jam had its beginning in the decade of 90. Together with bands as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mother Love Cap, Alice in Chains and Mudhoney, the Pearl Jam was highly influential for the […]

63 professionals of the area of physical education had been searched, where all acted as personal to trainer, being 40 of masculine sex and 23 of the feminine sex. A questionnaire with eighteen 9 questions being question with three possibilities of answers, and 9 questions was filled with subjective answers. As inclusion criteria the interviewed […]

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