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Diverse systems of codification exist: in the Alphabetical System, the materials are codified in accordance with the letters of the alphabet; in the Alphanumeric one, the possibility to combine letters and numbers, makes possible a bigger flexibility in the data; already the numerical system, possesss enormous amplitude, also having important variations, amongst which if it […]

The diverse orators and philosophers of the time had made history and changed the way to think of the society. In accordance with the history of the communication (to see annex, figure 1), diverse important changes had occurred in its process, such as: creation of the post offices and telegraphs, invention of the telephone, radio, […]

How to choose a high-quality tights, when the terms of such a large range of tights? As we know women love with their ears, and eyes like a man, so men appreciating women look, by all means pay attention to her legs. From how to choose the right tights, depends not only on the attractiveness […]

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