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Hello everyone: beginners and not so! In this section I would like to tell you about a very popular card right now for Warcraft III.Dota-allstars – a multiplayer map (5×5 players) is designed for team play. Map is interesting because it is very clearly expressed the need for the team. Dota-allstars can teach a batch […]

, Nintendo announced the development of a new generation of games … without the players! You will say – this movie! I answer – no! Manufacturers of toys spoiled gamer. It's true. I mean, the last generation of players, for which all pass games came down to continuous firing, jumping and contemplation Shader some water […]

We provide the following services: Consultation on the choice of 1C software delivery and installation of the software may install and implement training of staff working with the system Information technology support (ITS) Support put into operation sistemyProdazha 1C. Implementation of 1C. Service 1C. Updates 1C 1C. 1C, 1C, Retail, Manufacturing 1C. Automation enterprises based […]

Radiozakladka – a device that transmits information via radio or acoustic signal from the telephone line. As such, the difference between them is not singular. The transmission distance is possible from 150 to 3000 meters. When using autonomous battery – Battery life is usually 3-4 days, there are types of beetles that feed directly from […]

ULV Netbooks

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They have acceptable size and weight while maintaining a decent level of performance. Subnotebooks – laptops with screen size 11 – 13.3-inch laptops such distinguished by small size and weight, but the small size screen reduces the usability of this device. Dimensions subnotebooks do not indicate the powerful components, since there are problems with cooling, […]


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We need it very necessary! The fact that PHP has no intelligence – it is not necessary. He just does what it says in the instructions. For example in the text is written to remove the forbidden sequences, he removes them, but do not check what it will end. When we say that the text […]

Summer and winter are often the most difficult times of the year in terms of energy – all include air conditioning in summer, winter, additional heating, therefore, the local substation often can not withstand the load that leads to a voltage drop. Probably each of us has ever experienced in my life with very nevovremya […]

In this age of information technology simply must have a simple, affordable and convenient way to store and transfer information. CD and DVD discs with hardly a convenient way to quickly transfer data, since it requires no Only specific programs, but also CD and DVD drives with recording function. This form of storage media, like […]

PC Pentium III

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On trade question. Do you still believe that buying ready-made computer? Let us digress. Ideal computer in our days – this is above all reliability. Why? Yes, because he will need tomorrow, and after five years. Change games and applications, hard drives and increase the number of cores … and text documents and web pages […]

Licensed Software

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Nowadays, many still use pirated programs. There is a logical question: 'Why? 'Let's get a little bit of both. Who is it profitable? The answer is simple – the developers and distributors of software products. Than they are trying to scare users negligent? There are many examples: you steal money from developers. It's their earnings! […]

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