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All the changes which our children face generate doubts and anxieties to us. One of them is the passage of the cradle to the bed. We wondered ourselves when it would have to be, if it implies some danger for our son, etc. we have some suggestions Here that can help us in the taking […]

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That if one day I to finish with the girl (and looks at that people live in crisis) I do not go to have a col to cry. Worse it is when traio I, when my mother speaks on the married life of of it and I compare the relation of it with my father […]

Edson Silva I love my native land and I do not have no distrust in declaring this love. In we approach them to commemoration of plus one Day of Independence, will be 188 since 1.822, when in one day Seven of September, in So Paulo, to edges of stream of Ipiranga (today river that has […]

We provide the following services: Consultation on the choice of 1C software delivery and installation of the software may install and implement training of staff working with the system Information technology support (ITS) Support put into operation sistemyProdazha 1C. Implementation of 1C. Service 1C. Updates 1C 1C. 1C, 1C, Retail, Manufacturing 1C. Automation enterprises based […]


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With you the wait will not be perpetual, the problems will not be nothing, and in the distance it does not exist. The understanding goes to prevail, Fight will be for fortifying and the greater always will have to take advantage the days will be pretty and singelos, the respect goes to prevail, always knows […]

In meeting of Advice, with the present parish priest, it liked repeated times, to say that they mistreated it much and that already it was going to leave the position. The first time I listened to that it seemed normal to me, but this was appellant, and seems because it liked that they said to […]

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