The history of the Internet counts on people who with an idea had only obtained to create empires. A very small seed, with the time can be changedded into a great tree. Perseverance and certainty are two characteristics necessary to win in the Internet. In the Internet continuously it is said of empires. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

Are great businesses that produce billions of dollar to each year. When listening to them we do not relate it with that we could carry through for we ourselves. When we treat to make businesses in the Internet, we are satisfied ourselves in gaining some how many real. It will always be welcome a little of money. However, the creators of the empires web previously nominated some day had been in its same position. Perhaps alone in its house, ahead of a computer hardwired to the Internet, with some disconnected ideas for any individual.

He has something that all have in common, had started of the zero. The first one was an idea, a small seed that when planting was growing and changedding itself into a great leafy tree and later in a forest. When if it treats to create a kingdom of marketing in the Internet, a virtual empire always if it initiates with a small seed that if plant in the ground fertile. For example, we are a team of orienting professors of monographs and many of us still of the lessons in education institutions. However, he has some years we start to learn on this way of commerce in the Internet. Valley to confess that the principle in them flooded a sea of doubts, and is natural because was about something new that wise person if did not function or not. The word failure always went up to around in them. Already before we lose time and money with other ways to gain money.

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