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The history of the Internet counts on people who with an idea had only obtained to create empires. A very small seed, with the time can be changedded into a great tree. Perseverance and certainty are two characteristics necessary to win in the Internet. In the Internet continuously it is said of empires. Google, Facebook, […]

An important advantage Y12x6A-SE2 is the ability to dynamically change the viewing angle zoom in a wide range by changing the focal length ranging from 6 mm to 72 mm. When setting the minimum angle camera forms an image with a 12-fold increase and can identify the monitor details of objects (human faces, license plates, […]

"To become champion, you need a Luis Aragones? A good coach is essential to operate a computer? Deep down you know the answer. Obviously the world of business is a team game. Although there are many one-person businesses that generate money, far fewer could be described as businesses. For me, owning a job has few […]

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