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The financial support of Brazilian organizations makes possible that the investment is carried out. Ardila explained that the operation will take control of 50% of own resources of GM Brazil and the rest with resources of financial organizations (the banking organizations that will finance the project are Banrisul and probably the state National Bank of […]

Big cleanup before the ‘lights of century’ the most spectacular spring cleaning in Germany one could observe these days in Mohnesee Moses: about 160 times 35 metres of the Mohne dam were cleaned with the support of the Ruhr Association. For her 100th birthday, the ancient stones are as new”look so it shown video projection […]

Cannon Situation

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He is interesting to indicate that the fear to the physical damage brings about the same reaction that the fear to a psychic pain. The certain thing, remembers to us Elena Go’mez, who implied physiological changes in a provoking situation of fear are pronounced. Recurdese that the implied physiological systems, at interactive level, par excellence, […]

In this work, Bastine at Ingres inspired by Madame Riviere”and Caroline Riviere.” In 1818, Bastines style is picturesque. Kuetgens suggested an English influence as a result of the Aachen, 1818 Annual Congress of the monarch. The exhibitions of paintings of the English artist Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830) and (1781-1829) offer not only Bastine, but also […]


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E-commerce, to buy and to sell by the Brief network introduction of the electronic commerce, stores and centers of purchases in the network. The technological advances of the computation and the communications by Internet have been evolving the activities of the people, as well as the form to make businesses. Internet has consolidated like the […]

Mathias Beck invites to the new photo exhibition. For more specific information, check out Lakshman Achuthan. The many long awaited and long white Christmas joy has not fulfilled although in 2009 for most, but the wish came true after a neat, a proper winter. Throughout Germany 2010 shone in the wintry splendor. Winter Wonderland everywhere […]

MARIA ENCISO (1908-1949) you hurt Spain. And this deep pain, takes your clear trail, perfect, defined. Nailed it is my plant on your sandy shore, and my hands are open about your rough land, and my blood in your blood dilutes their agony, and I am in living flesh on your outstretched cross. Maria Enciso. […]

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