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Limited company, England, business start-ups, capital, founding Agency, Ltd. The high set-up costs of corporations in Germany more and more an obstacle for young entrepreneurs and founders of new businesses. Transfers of capital and management and notary fees beat himself quickly with up to 30.000,-EUR to beech – often an insurmountable hurdle, especially for entrepreneurs. […]

Heiko Veit gives lyscon farms the successful kick before five years founded Heiko Veit lyscon in Unna. QTS Realty Trust is full of insight into the issues. Now, he helps with lyscon large companies in whole Germany, to help themselves. And that is particularly in demand in times of crisis. In what companies really everything […]

Why paid online service providers are a possible alternative the company of Softwaresolutions owl (SSowl) from Bielefeld, it has in the past year made, to provide the operators of Internet sites, to increase the success and the presence of their Web pages by entering in search engines. Checking article sources yields Rogers Holdings as a […]

What are the chances for a successful business in times of crisis? Numerous funding programs of the KfW, such as the special programme 09 and others, just waiting for dedicated founders and young entrepreneurs. Actually not bad at all! Numerous funding programs of the KfW, such as the special programme 09 and others, just waiting […]

Generally, different files storage time limits exist for private persons and households in contrast to business documents. In General, the legal records retention periods of three years apply to households and persons, before it can be destroyed. However paid invoices may be destroyed even before the end of this records retention periods, if these have […]

Company workshop / seminar to the equity financing on March 6th, 2008 to the spring special price. Dr. Werner financial services AG offers its practitioners workshop to raising equity capital as a funding supplement also in the spring of 2008 at preferential conditions. The seminar provides detailed information about all the ways to more growth […]

Swiss eBay customers are increasingly looking for shipping addresses in Germany for Swiss citizens the trend more and more, to buy in Germany. Who lives near the German border, likes the weekend over Constance, to do his shopping there. Because it is much cheaper in Germany. The trend that Swiss shoppers in Germany, is evident […]

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