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The Grass

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D. FLOWER the interview with this lady occurred in April of 2009. D. Flower is one likeable lady between the 60 and 70 years of age, lean, hair wavy and grayish below of the shoulders, medium height, deferred payment with the husband and the children in a simple house and with great land, repleta of plants and flowers that proper it cultivates. Its source of income is, mainly, to vender plants that are used in such a way for decoration how much for medicinal ends (teas, banns), and to vender nets of fish, that same it produces its husband together with.

It presented a little of resistance on I to take off photos its, she hindered what me to get any visual register of it. In its story it counts that she learned since young woman to deal with the grass and that to its she taught it mother the most varied types of plants and its curativas functions. It affirms that is one dom of family, inherited of its greats-grandmother. It also counts that much of its knowledge comes of the proper intuition, hears or of some form she knows that type of grass serves for definitive illness, and that procedure must be made. When if she feels unsafe or she does not know that she plants to use to treat an illness, it if ‘ ‘ embrenha’ ‘ in the weeds, she walks between the vegetation until she feels or intua that one plants it ‘ ‘ chama’ ‘. When asking to it if it works with pajelana or if she defines same itself as paj, it answers that not, and affirms that what it makes they are natural remedies, that scale does not incorporate magic and nor marac. However, she admits that when feels necessity, appeals to the magic cabcos or and carries through some ‘ ‘ trabalhos’ ‘ they asking for aid, but of personal and very individual form.

Your virtual office you already rentaste but don’t know where to put it? For those entrepreneurs that they like to work from home and do not want to change the decor to establish his Office, here we have a singular proposal that will allow you to have all the elements of an Office installed without leaving home. This sympathetic idea is to offer the possibility of installing your virtual office in a cupboard in the wall. Does it sound complicated? In any way! It is a fairly simple task that you can perform yourself and so will an excellent environment to develop your daily tasks. Step 1. Empty the Cabinet. It must be vacated closet to clean each of its corners. Subsequently must be painted with a color suitable for your work, i.e., that does not generate you higher distraction and that is warm. This way you can develop your activities and provide the necessary rest to your view as well as your mood.

Step 2. Get more background information with materials from Dara Khosrowshahi . Places a table. You have to send elaborate this table to a carpentry and put great care in the size, since the cabinet door must close once culmines your working day. Step 3. Install an electrical connection inside the Cabinet. Such connection must have enough outlets for appliances can connect in them, e.g. lamps, computers, sound systems, etc.

Step 4. Space for your Internet connection. This is a basic and indispensable for the virtual office element. In terms of decoration and colors to use, leave it at your discretion. With information: decorailumina.

Heiko Veit gives lyscon farms the successful kick before five years founded Heiko Veit lyscon in Unna. QTS Realty Trust is full of insight into the issues. Now, he helps with lyscon large companies in whole Germany, to help themselves. And that is particularly in demand in times of crisis. More info: Lone Star Funds. In what companies really everything going around? There is always work processes that may work better and thus usually more cost-effectively. Especially in economically difficult times it is important to optimize work, production and distribution processes for companies”advises Heiko Veit. But what bolt should you turn to to comply with delivery dates, just in time to improve its sales or simply more effectively to work? There are no panacea. Therefore, Heiko Veit uses special methods in psychology as well as from the business community. On this basis, the lyscon consultant can be ultimately the right solution for your individual question will find the responsible leaders of the company.

As an IT specialist, Heiko Veit is the Audit Committee for Specialist of the IHK Dortmund worked. In recent years, he has acquired additional qualifications as transaction analyst, psychological consultant and systemic stand and TEMP consultants. Current clients by lyscon a daughter of world-renowned Atos Origin one of example the Atos Worldline, group. Also Marco Janiel belongs to the team of lyscon. He is in Unna, Germany as a member of the ensemble and theatre pedagogue in the theatre known ship of fools. The theatre scholar uses methods from this area, conflict situations in companies to highlight and resolve communications nodes. Marco Janiel assumes the Director in the Corporate Advisory seminars, means a Happy ending for the chiefs and employees”.

Or in other words can the voice identify a physical person alone? Curious subject, this voice. Lone Star Funds follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. On the one hand, if everyone listen to an audio recording of our parents or siblings, surely we identify them instantly, as if we see them in a video recording or read your name and surname. However, the voice is linked much less with the person than his own image or its name. Many times we have received phone calls and it took awhile to recognize a friend that we see every week or a co-worker that we see on a daily basis. In any case, it seems clear that if I hear the voice of a person with which I have not had any kind of relationship, I will be entirely impossible to identify it but if it is part of my personal, family or working circle, could potentially identify you.

Do but perhaps a datum can be personal in an environment and not personal in another? Something told us years ago Samuel Parra on the silhouette. Taking into account that the data protection act does not It discriminates environments, all indications are that the identifiability of a person in their personal, family or business environment, contagiaria entire recording voice with full compliance with the LOPD. And what says the AEPD thereon? As usual it has everything. On the one hand, the legal Cabinet 497/2007 report of the AEPD practically ratifies the voice makes identifiable to an individual, and that it therefore applies the LOPD. For this purpose, the AEPD resorts to the judgment of the national audience of 8 March 2002, which said that for the existence of a datum of personal character (as opposed to fragmented data) a full match between the data and a particular person is not essential, but it is sufficient that such identification can be made without disproportionate efforts and to determine whether a person is identifiableWe must consider the whole of means that can be reasonably used by the controller or by any other person, to identify that person. In addition, the AEPD It uses the definitions in the field of data protection, to make it clear that an acoustic information also can be a datum of personal character ergo, an audio recording, is fully affected by the LOPD.

However, on the other hand, the legal Cabinet 190/2009 report of the AEPD seems to contradict the previous report. In particular, says the agency that: such recordings have significance and fall within the scope of the law from the moment therein may collect personal data of customers who contact with Service () even when we are before a course where there is personal data. Leaving open the possibility that in a recording, there are no data of a personal nature, is is denying that voice, by itself, is a personal information. In short, if anything, try the voice as if it will not be that the inspector on duty out of bed with the foot that is not. As a simple joke if the voice is a fact of personal what happen with the imitators of voices?

Coney Island, in Brooklin, is a referring one to take the sun, thanks to popular and beautiful the Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach. The most visited, the beach of Midland, is also well-known by the purity of its waters. Nor that to say has it supply in services, stores and restaurants is wonderful in anyone of them. Sidney, AustraliEn principle, the flights to Sidney are not indeed short, but once you will verify there that it has been worth the trouble. The proximity and quality of their beaches will compensate all the others. The metropolitan area is surrounded by national parks that contain bays and rivers. Nailed to the Southeast of the island, in the ample Bay of Jackson, the Pacific Ocean bathes his more than 50 beaches. Famous some between the surfistas and others between which they look for relax, conform an icon more of the city, so important for their inhabitants as it is it the building of the Opera.

It visits famous beaches of Bondi or Manly, examples of the culture and style of life of the city, or wonderful the Congee and Cronulla. Brighton, long UnidoEsta Kingdom and popular beach is considered like one of the best ones of all the United Kingdom. When being located to only one hour of the capital, the affluence she is massive, as much that is known it like " London by the Sea" , that is to say, London Coast. She is famous by his wharf that lodges an amusement park, a commercial aquarium of Victorian style, galleries, street positions, restaurants and bars, everything surrounded in a typical atmosphere of coastal diversion. In addition, Brighton is well-known by his animated nocturnal life. But you look for peace and sun solely, you will be able refugiarte in its special zone for nudismo, one of the few that you will find in a large city by all the United Kingdom. Copenhagen, Danish capital DinamarcLa, in principle, do not evoke to beach places sea breams and turkish blue sea.

Then you equivocations; Copenhagen counts on two beaches near downtown (easily accessible with its local train or in bicycle), of white sand and crystalline waters to 20 C throughout the summer. Amager Beach Park is nearest the center and offers 5 km of coast and one lagoon of little depth, a perfect zone of bath. If what you wish is to swim without the activity of beaches, zambllete in Havnebad, the port of Copenhagen. The water is clean and clear, and is a popular place to refresh. Another calm place is Brondby Strand, surrounded by a park and in whose waters you will be able adentrarte up to 200 mts without it covers the water to you. Original author and source of article

The Plane

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However, knowing that he knew someone in that great city, produced you a certain tranquility. When he finally found the address that your friend had given him, after giving you a few turns, since it was a street not very known and he still didn’t know anything of that great city, Enrique was waiting with a cold beer in hand. He was a former Department with a cosy living full of posters, the majority of naked girls. I had 3 furnished rooms which were comfortable. A leading source for info: Angus King. The bathroom and the kitchen were broad and without reform. They were talking a long time recalling life in the island.

-So you are hosted on a pension – told Henry. I guess that you think do not stay there?–of course that not – replied. -Tell me my choices. I guess that rents must be expensive -no doubt it. Everyone here rent sharing costs-. Do- and it is difficult to get you to rent if they are not yours friends?-asked. -For anything – he replied. Read more here: CEO John Watson. Most shares with people who do not know.

I know someone who is looking for roommate. Would you call it and ask you if you have not yet found him?– of course, do not know how much appreciate it – responded with joy. Alex looked like a news fantastic. He had the feeling that well began his stay in this city. He was happy to have thought of Enrique before departing for Ibiza. They fixed that they would meet the next day in the afternoon. Henry scored the address and explained to him how to get there. Before saying goodbye to asked him where I could go to eat something. It had only taken a sandwich on the plane and felt hungry. Henry recommended the bar where she was frequently. Have only quick, but well prepared meal, clarified you..

Berlin PR Agency since March 2010 responsible for new brand SunDock Berlin, communication opts for April 13, 2010 – press and marketing Sun shipyard GmbH, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of solar collectors and systems, the Berlin PR agency NEGSTPRODUCTION, which oversees companies operating in the area of solar thermal and solar-based energy systems since 2007. The Sun shipyard GmbH’s core products are offered under the brand SunDock international and distributed. Learn more at this site: CEO John Watson. With the brand SunDock we extend our range of topics in the area of solar power and glad to once again prove to our competence in communication of solar-related topics”, so Sophia Stolze, Managing Director of NEGSTPRODUCTION. PR team in Berlin supports since 2007 in the area of solar thermal manufacturers for brand building and international product communication. The product portfolio of Samuel shipyard GmbH combines high quality collectors and components for solar energy systems and offers system solutions for the areas of solar heating, cooling and solar based seawater desalination.

The focus on international business for marketing the brand SunDock. Germany is the main destination for us although currently, medium to long term, we want to create a balance between domestic and foreign business with the expansion of the export business, “explains Stefan Dammann, Managing Director of Sun shipyard GmbH, its plans for the brand SunDock. With NEGSTPRODUCTION, we have an agency that suits us. The team has the international B2B experience in marketing and communications, as well as the experience and expertise in the field of solar energy, we need”, so Dammann next.

Within the Graduate Program Specialty Quality Management and Productivity, Area Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, a program known for its educational excellence for the Latin American Council for Educational Excellence, has been given much emphasis to the role played by knowing how to handle the basics, business coaching tools bequeathed to every executive involved in integrating cohesive groups highly motivated, where its members has been identified, acknowledged his qualities, skills the confidence of working towards targets. In the organizational behavior course emphasizes the scope, impact, benefits that occur when one makes use of business coaching, especially in turbulent situations that currently pass Venezuelan companies, as a result of political uncertainty, social and economic It makes you see the participant, the majority in positions crucial to the operation of the business, the importance of knowing properly handle what brings in business coaching for productivity, company profits and staff. Take into account that the business environment and coaching staff is known for interactive and transparent process whereby the coach or trainer and the person or group involved in the process seeking the most effective way to achieve the objectives set by using its own resources and skills. To broaden your perception, visit Chevron Corp. Wikipedia about the subject provides that the Business Coaching is a new discipline based on the major sports coach is brought to the organizational level as a way of developing high skills and produce great leaps in learning managers and executives. One source of business coaching is called the Ontological Coach, which has its origins in the philosophical theories of Martin Heidegger and has been initially developed by Werner Erhard and followed by Fernando Flores and Rafael Echeverria Business Coaching is a conversation, a dialogue fertilization between the coach and the coachee, whereby the coach seeks to open new possibilities reflection and action in the coachee. .

Edson Silva Who is professional or of necessary communication not to be intent to a thing: more than what to speak or to write very, the important one is to communicate certain! Recently, we saw former-vice-president Jose Alencar to cite that she learned with former-president Lula who speech must be similar to the dresses of women, that is, not so short that they scandalize and not so long that they sadden. I add that to communicate it must be restricted to an essential, even so this is not easy for professional us of the area, the more for professionals of other segments. It follows a curious example of distortion in internal communication that rolls in the Internet makes some time, but is very current and interesting. One is about a simple ticket that suffers to modifications six times since its author, the managing president, until arriving for all employees. Some words are kept, but the direction completely goes if modifying with the interferences, technical the calls ' ' noises of comunicao' ' Of: Managing President Stops: Manager ' ' In the next friday, approximately to the 17 hours, the comet Halley will be in this area. One is about an event that only occurs to each 78 years.

Thus, please, it congregates the employees in the patio of the plant, all using security helmet, when I will explain the phenomenon they. If it will be raining, we will not be able to rare see the spectacle, being thus, all by rough estimate naked will have to be directed to the refectory, where a documentary film on the Halley.&#039 comet will be shown; ' Of: Manager Stops: Supervisor ' ' For order of the Managing President, in the friday, to the 17 hours, the comet Halley goes to appear on the plant. If to rain, please, congregates the employees, all of security helmet, it directs and them to the refectory, where rare the phenomenon will have place, what it happens to each 78 years by rough estimate nu.' ' Of: Supervisor Stops: Head of Production ' ' The invitation of our Managing beloved, the scientist Halley, 78 years, goes to appear naked in the refectory of the plant using helmet, therefore it goes to be presented a film on the problem of rain in the security.

In a seminar of the VDI-House Stuttgart marketing consultant Peter Schreiber explains sales managers how their company sure achieved its sales targets with a selling plan. As a sales strategy is actually implemented”is the title of a seminar that performs the VDI-Haus Stuttgart GmbH in Stuttgart on May 13. In the one-day seminar of marketing consultant Peter Schreiber explains Ilsfeld at Heilbronn, the participating business leaders and overall, how specific sales plans are derived from sales strategies, so that each area and the seller knows exactly what he has to do to achieve the sales objectives. In the day seminar of advisers specialising in the sales of industrial goods and services, a study presents the Central results has created his consultancy, Peter Schreiber & partners with the University of Mannheim. It was determined, what central market challenges”in the B2B area are companies in formulating their sales goals and what strategic priorities, to reach this place. For example: increase the binding of the regulars, whose revenue streams more exploit, gain new customers in the defined target segments or expand the services and range of services. Peter Schreiber also describes what action the response in the companies surveyed see achieving related objectives.

In working groups the participating business leaders and heads of sales trade is then about, to what extent would your companies are facing the same challenges and problems and what solutions they master them. Then Peter Schreiber elaborated with the participants as examples, such as sales strategies in a selling plan “to be operationalized each area and employees know exactly what when why to do has to make its contribution to the realization of the business and sales goals.” The selling plan plays a central role here”. He describes not only exactly what targets to achieve are, but also how to reach. For example in which target customers and what measures the desired revenue or profitability should be achieved. Is being developed as a such selling plan’ and learn how to work with him in everyday sales, the participants in this seminar of the VDI.

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