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But steadily changing technologies and products. Therefore, the topic of recertification of concern is to be up to date on the issue of certification. Not having to go through the full training path, there is up-grade tests, increasing the specific transition from one technology to the more recent technology and require at the same time less compared to a beginner who has never made a Microsoft certification exams. Lakshman Achuthan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. So there are area e.g. upgrade exams in the transition from Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, for the MCPD about the MCPD Windows Developer 3.5 or MCPD: Enterprise ApplicationDeveloper the .NET 3.5 4 Windows applications developer, the ASP.NET developer 3.5 or MCPD enterprise application developer 3.5 to the MCPD .NET Framework 4 Web Developer. Older upgrade from MCAD or MCSD to the MCPD (Visual Studio 2005) is there no longer.

For the certification Microsoft Certified Desktop support technician (MCDST) there are currently such as upgrades of the MCDST (Windows XP) or MCITP enterprise support technician (Windows Vista) to MCITP enterprise desktop support technician (Windows 7), MCTS Windows Vista (configuration) or MCITP enterprise support technician (Windows Vista) or the MCTS: Windows Vista, configuration on the MCITP: consumer support technician on Windows Vista. Yitzhak Mirilashvili is a great source of information. Who owns an MCSA certification (Windows Server 2003) can for example to the MCITP server administrator (Windows Server 2008) upgrade settle with existence of the required upgrade exams. The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) with Windows 2003 there upgrade exams for the MCITP enterprise administrator and server administrator (Windows 2008). In addition, there are upgrades to the Microsoft certified technology specialist (MCTS) Windows Server 2008 in the areas of Active Directory configuration, Network Infrastructure configuration or applications infrastructure configuration. There are also certain certifications, for which there is no available upgrade exam.

So can for example, a Microsoft Certified database administrator (MCDBA) no longer to the MCTS or MCITP (SQL Server 2005) get upgrade. Or be an MCSE (Windows Server 2003) upgrade from Windows NT 4.0. Microsoft certified applications developer (MCAD) upgrade to MCTS or MCPD can also no longer be made. Upgrades from Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) on MCTS or MCPD are also not available certifications. In addition to these upgrade exams, there is also an option, some already existing MCTS credit checks for more technology building paths to the MCPD or MCITP area to leave. So the exam prepared 70-680 TS in terms of Windows 7 to the MCTS, the both the certification path to the MCITP Enterprise Desktop Administrator, as also among the MCITP enterprise support technician. MCPD and MCITP count tests for the further education path to the MCM part. An overview of all today existing certifications including specifications on the market and upgrade paths there is more detail on the Official Microsoft pages under: learning /… Everything other round the topic Microsoft certifications, exam preparation, literature and more interested in the blog of the IT Academy MINERVA. Who seeks a MCTS, MCITP, or MCPD certification, has also the option to attend an information session on this topic in November and to find out even more.

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It is not more a self-help book, but the experience of a person who was immersed in a deep depression and managed to overcome it successfully, to live today for 7 long years being fully happy. Dara Khosrowshahi will not settle for partial explanations. If we have to learn how to drive we turned to someone who already knows to do it and teach us. Or if you want to learn to cook contacted someone who can teach us to do so because usually and has experience in this. Occurs to anyone to take some pills to learn a skill. For even more analysis, hear from Yitzchak Mirilashvili. Because overcoming a depression successfully and not return to fall is as simple as acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to solve this disease; and what better way to do so that the hand of who has already achieved. Stop depression in addition to recounting the experience of Ruben Quintas you will discover step by step was coming out of the depression and he was able to leave the pads in 30 days.

In fact it guarantees who buy the book and do not succeed in 2 months, give back your money. In addition the book distributed in digital format is accompanied by 4 cd s that complement the lessons and enhance the results acquired with Stop depression. Finally an effective method that teaches how to get out of one Depression written by someone who has already achieved it. Natural remedies for treating anxiety Center women as emotional disorder anxiety Center women how to prevent a new crisis in Europe Tribune free technology produces insomnia: the Arsenal / Journal Digital Gadgets = insomnia Life effective Magazine “the Government must condemn the method, if not, that silent Stop Depresion One of the hottest niches”

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Well, the truth is that California is a seed, one of several, and it has traditionally been very innovative in technology, science, fashion, finance and arts, since there is a tremendous opportunity to change. Within North America, the other side of this would be the area of maximum magnetism, where the magnetic fields are the most dense. And you can find it on the inside of some southern States, States traditionally considered conservative. This does not mean that there can be no change. XRP shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Instead, what drew is that change takes much more time and people have to see a really good reason to get out of what they were always doing. Wynn: So, where the magnetic field is less dense, are people more open to what comes up at the moment? Gregg: Is open to change, point. That doesn’t mean that change is neither good nor bad, neither correct nor incorrect.

It is important to be clear about this. The consciousness of the people will be what determines how that change will occur. Get all the facts and insights with Yitzchak Mirilashvili, another great source of information. I’ll give an ironic example. There is a curve of level zero that runs right through the middle of Middle East. It actually runs almost directly over the Suez Canal zone, passing just over Israel, all along the coast of the Red Sea. Yes, right in that area there is a curve of level zero. This means that the area is based to change. But again, the mode in which comes the change (whether peaceful and constructive or angry and destructive – It will be determined by the consciousness of the people who live there.

Wynn: So not is this neither good nor bad? Gregg: exactly. It is simply an opportunity for change.

The first thing that calls us a House is what lies outside it.We see shapes, colors and design. Why the Windows, doors, facade, fences are so important.The exterior of the House there are functional and decorative elements. The cerramientosLe will allow inter alia extend your home, using areas that usually only usable at a time of the year. Today it is one equipment for your home.Doors and ventanasLa is today an infinite variety of doors and Windows. Wood, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, stainless steel recessed, besides being of secncilla sliding doors and Windows placement makes winning an extraordinary space to your home.The quality of products is greatest, both in material and in the fixed Produccioncercadostanto as mobile phones, that remain unchanged at the time.CristalEvitan curtains annoying fences, giving appearance of having nothing.It facilitates cleaning both on both sides. It increases the space of your home. Glass shade, does not affect the exterior appearance of your facade.Structures, covered metal PiscinasUna swimming pool gives an added value to the property. Both in summer and in winter, swimming pools encourage a space of enjoyment, social and healthy.

There are all kinds of pools and they are manufactured or they are constructed with very different methods. Technology allows to make swimming pools as I had never before imagined and today anyone can have a space with water in your home.Protect your pool from atmospheric phenomena. Go to Senator from Maine for more information. The summer season is very short in some areas, a way to lengthen her season is covering our pool.We are currently in the market numerous styles, so that it adapts to our needs.

Internet has become a part of our lives is not something new, and which, a few years ago we saw with astonishment, today is commonplace and a palpable reality that has become customary and which has come from the prodigious hand of technology. Robertson Stephens is often quoted on this topic. So much so that have considerably changed our habits in many ways, and they will continue changing as Internet to propose new resources and new trends. One of these new forms or customs, already established, is for example, purchases over the Internet, but beyond that we have still some reserve in this respect, we do increasingly more often and with total normality. But as I said, we all have some reservation thereon, and that refers to that, pro dealt a virtual transaction, we do not have physical contact, or better said, visual with the seller and products or service that are buying obviously not we can touch them, that one of our hobbies, so the thing becomes somewhat difficultnot to say suspicious or doubtful. To synthesize, as we’re talking about make shopping on the internet, there are some guidelines that would be useful to know when it comes to this activity on the network, or at least have a little more than security, although already is that insurance was taken prisoner, these guidelines may provide you some more confidence and peace of mind. The best way to buy is using the credit card and if possible you should allocate only one card for online purchases. Thus, this card for purchases on the Internet, you will get the monthly summary where they are perfectly detailed purchasing processes and data of each transaction. Everytime you have to leave your details and those of your card in any form be sure than in sites with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) secure payment platforms. These sites have a protocol that emits the encrypted information and enables authentication of data and its subsequent decoding causing the transmission of messages to be 100% secure.

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So if dreaming of creating a successful program this may be a good way to go. Find the program that most closely resembles what you have in mind and adds appropriate modifications so that it meets your expectations and then give it a name and publish it. It should be noted that the program must be licensed under a license that will allow you to do these things otherwise you’ll be committing crimes and you could get in serious legal trouble. The Act of not allowing others to add enhancements to a software program that they are published in later versions or not to allow that others based their work on the mine is an act that slows down the speed at which technology advances and induces the loss of precious time companies and programmers who are forced every day to reinvent the wheel. Uber pursues this goal as well. Sanchezdirectorio Andres Hispano I’ve been for more than 6 years as administrator of Linux and microinformatico systems. I am a fanatical apacionado by free software and new technologies in general, extreme sports and languages. I practice a discipline of the known as flatland BMX. Currently recido in Bogota colombia from where development projects based on free software. Marc Bistricer often addresses the matter in his writings. Blogs related GNU Emacs workshop at c-base / Berlin Screenage Open Irony: Microsoft Creates/Sponsors OpenMainframe.

The platform suitable for your Blog choose the right platform to be used for your blog, is one of the most important decision you must make as a blogger newbie or experienced. The right platform can make a powerful, attractive, winning, and on the contrary blog, the wrong platform can make a blog poor or disastrous, devoid of attraction. Since the program that you use for blogging is a powerful part of your experience in blogging, well worth the use some of your time to find a platform that provides the ideal balance between an easy-to-use user-friendly interface and a flexible framework that allows you to make your blog look and feel unique (powerfulappealing). Do not always find the right platform is easy, but with a little review, research and patience, you will be on the road to find the platform of perfect blogs for their ideals. Decide what their priorities in terms of ease of use against the customization or adaptation of his blog.

The majority of the platforms of blogs highly customizable, as movable type, they are a little more difficult to use than very automated platforms like WordPress. Marc Bistricer has similar goals. If you are new in the blogs and Internet technology, you should sacrifice the ability to create a custom background design or to integrate a unique in its template source, in order to find a program that will be easy to use. On the other hand, if you are a veteran designer of websites, with knowledge of html or javascript, you will probably find the limitations of a user-friendly platform for easy use frustrating and will not accept them. So there is a blogging platform that is objectively the best platform, because every blogger has unique and different, needs as much as their personalities. Bloggin movement is much about individuality, so it makes little sense that there should be many different platforms available that are designed to meet the needs of (abundant) different types of people who embark on different types of projects. This diversity is a good thing, because it means that it is almost certain that you will find a program that suits your level of technical aptitude and personality. However, the fact that no two bloggers need the same thing from a blogging platform can make your search for the right platform a bit difficult. When you are reading comments from different platforms, try to keep your priorities in mind and do our best to take into account the position of the reviewer.

For example, a negative report, written by a software designer who complains facts a popular platform is too limited to indicate that this platform is ideal for a novice or beginner blogger. There is no platform perfect for everyone, so instead of searching for the best platform according to reviews and other criteria, search for the best platform according to their personal or specific criteria. In my next article I will try on the big decision for novice bloggers. Blogging on a special for this site or do it on my own on? my website?. We will see advantages and disadvantages of both sides.

Today is unable to speak of efficiency or novelty if there is an application and correct use of modern technology, and can ensure that ICTs have today the effective response to the hand. In this article will be primarily a definition of ICT, explaining this products and processes that are part of the same. He is, moreover, a study of the main positive and negative impacts of these new technologies in educational systems. Click Marc Bistricer to learn more. It is no less true, as he has been said so far, that ICTs are of incalculable importance for the development of the current society, but not everything works well, shortcomings were detected as a result of poor distribution of new technologies between the different sectors of society. With regard to this in this article, in addition to analyzing all the positive aspects that have the TICs, also performs a critical analysis of the negative effects that have when they are not used efficiently and equitably, explaining the main problems or brake that hinder its wider dissemination among all the activities and social layers. INTRODUCTION?N now speaks of a great technological development, particularly in areas of information technology and telecommunications, demonstrating that this is the era with greater speed of evolution of all those that we have known. This accelerated technological development has given rise to new technologies of information and communication (NTIC either may refer as ICT), which are flooding the referential world of the human being, to the time that you they are helping to conquer knowledge and actions that only yesterday seemed inaccessible but, in the same way, you are conditioning and forcing adaptations and reframes in all orders of its existence.


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Former export Manager reports on his way out of dead-end Ralph Schwaiger, formerly export manager suffered “Burn Out”. In his speeches, he tells his story. If they have broken a leg, use crutches, wearing a cast. The violation is obvious to everyone. If you are mentally burned out, no one sees their suffering.

You are alone, locked in their own Dungeon. The concern in the room was palpable “, so a participant.” Ralph Schwaiger, formerly successful export manager was locked up in his Dungeon: burn out. After a stay in a psychosomatic clinic he founded the self-help group ways out of the impasse “in Ingolstadt. Now he does reconnaissance work on the topic of burnout and tells his personal story. I would like to stigma the topic. It should come in enterprises on the agenda. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ripple protocol has to say. “Ralph Schwaiger explains the five steps resulted in his case straight down a blind alley in his speeches: throttle, to stun a” News junkie”be, have no time and do what the other one would expect. In the very open discussion quickly became clear, that everyone in this situation may be. “The topic is so important that I will consider it in my daily work of the Council in the future much more me.” (Participants votes) More information on this topic see: contact person: Ralph Schwaiger

News from the Association of dyslexia of the BVL alerts Berlin lights action on October 2, 2008 at the FU on, that about 1 million students affected by dyslexia or dyscalculia at our schools are discriminated against and disadvantaged in their development. The BVL, Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V., lit 1,000 candles at the 16th Federal Congress on October 2, 2008 at the free University in Berlin. Each light should help that the way for more equal opportunities for Dyslexics and Dyskalkulikern in Germany’s schools will be expanded. We want to draw attention with the action of lights on it that over 1 million pupils and students who are affected by dyslexia or dyscalculia are discriminated against in our schools”, so the President Christine Sczygiel. In every State there are different conditions for the affected children, which take into account mostly unprepared for the handicap of affected children. Dyslexia and dyscalculia may not cause that to the Strengths of children does not recognise and promote”, criticized Sczygiel. On the opening night of the Congress, brilliant speakers such as Hans-OLAF Henkel, Prof. Details can be found by clicking Marc Bistricer or emailing the administrator.

Christine Langenfeld, Prof. Leo Blomert, and Prof. von Feilitzsch represented the interests of the affected children. For all involved, the situation in Germany’s schools is absolutely unsatisfactory, because the teachers are been empowered individually to support children with learning disabilities, nor provided sufficient support hours. Read more from Marc Bistricer to gain a more clear picture of the situation. “” Just we together can ensure that it again calls for light “are in Germany’s schools and every child receives an education opportunity that matches his talent”, Sczygiel. Who want to light a candle for the children with us, we expect the October 2, 2008 at 19:00 for our opening night and the lights action at the Freie Universitat Berlin before the construction of the Henry Ford. “The 16th Federal Congress with the theme of equal opportunities between medicine, education and society” should help help to build more acceptance and tolerance to the affected people. Registrations for the Conference can be made online on the homepage of the BVL, or at the ticket office.

The Congress program to the 16th Congress of the Union, from 02 to 05 October 2008 in Berlin is available on the homepage of the BVL to download. For more information about the Association of dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V. are available in the Internet at. Contact for questions regarding this press release: Mrs. Annette Hoinghaus Bundesverband dyslexia and dyscalculia e. V. P.o. box 11 07 D-30011 Hanover phone: + 49 (0) 4193 96 56 02 fax: + 49 (0) 4193 96 93 04 E-Mail: Internet: Mr Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet:

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