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The latest issue of the popular magazine once again waiting with extensive horoscopes and exciting articles! Learn what holds the spring, you can in the latest issue of the journal of Astroblick”, which has been available since April 5, 2011 at the kiosk. Nearly fifty pages with Western horoscopes show what to expect people in terms of professional, health and partnership in May and in June. To get a partner horoscope and Tarot card per astrological sign, and month. The astrological part is rounded off by a China horoscope as well as a lunar calendar with tips for those who want to use the forces of the Moon in everyday life for themselves. The latest edition of horoscope monthly again waiting with many interesting contributions from the world of the occult.

So astrologers the upcoming marriage of Prince William with partner Kate Middleton under the magnifying glass, describe also the worldview of the North American Indians, which presents itself as a perpetual cycle of nature. Given the approaching summer is to learn, as one without painful Deprivations can take off by sticking to the rules of a moon diet. Another contribution should be helping to keep a good intentions: before you are finally admits his failure to the middle of the coming year, it would be useful to heed the stated professional tips to implement his plans yet. You but also know what a burn-out syndrome and how to avoid this widening State complete exhaustion in the new Astroblick”for may and June. In addition, readers tell of experiences with guardian angels and situations in which the angels saved even the life them their opinion. The question of whether there is life after death, is pursued in the last report especially as there are people who believe that to be able to receive messages from deceased. The new Astroblick”waiting now on newsstands! Dirk Hoffmann

The MVG / one world shop occupies the 3rd place in the fair trade award 2012 the Aachen-based company MVG / one world shop is by the seal initiative Fairtrade Germany e.V. with the 3rd place at the Fairtrade award 2012 in the category trade has been awarded. Among other things a long-term and credible commitment to fair trade, an innovative role in the area of trade was a prerequisites for nomination with fair trade products and visions for fair trade. The prize is awarded for 3 years by the Siegelinitiave Fairtrade Germany e.V. / TransFair. The award aims to promote the development of fair trade: on one dedicated companies, initiatives and action groups should be inspired, on the other hand the award to the exemplary work of companies and groups for fair trade in Germany.

Won in the category trade armedangels has the fashion label. In second place came the discounter Lidl. The prize was awarded on March 20 during a gala event. Anke Engelke led as a presenter for the evening. To the guests of honour were the patron Klaus Topfer and the fair trade Ambassador Joachim Krol and Cosma Shiva Hagen. Musical highlight was the appearance of the band clover. The MVG is a media and shipping companies with a wide range of performance and an ethically motivated objective. The MVG was founded and currently employs 25 employees in Aachen, Germany in 1976. Further information about the company under, umwelt_engagement, to the seal initiative Fairtrade Germany e.V.,

FATH solar GmbH is looking for suitable trade partner has FATH solar just yet at the Bavarian energy prize won, and otherwise makes the energy roof of himself talking about FATH. It is not only easy and quick to install, it creates also a visually uniform, almost jointless surface in a homogeneous hue that looks simply fantastic. The laminate is not framed, but glued on a frame, which allows a hidden fastening system by its shape. Measure a highly efficient Thermiemodul, as well as a roof window module also without visible frame are integrated into the system. Go to Lakshman Achuthan for more information. Now the Franconian company would like to be more active and hence the position of installers. To FATH will establish solar a factory compound, all stakeholders should benefit from the. What winning companies, which are part of this community? a unique, sophisticated system of PV, solar heating and window modules a worldwide procurement network expert advice in planning and procurement training topics, installation and sales in our home area protection for our products certified by FATH solar joint PR and marketing activities as part of a network of such installers, solar installers and assemblers can improve their success and draw new, exciting jobs on land. Advice under + 49 9175/7909-140 or.


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If you like to go sailing or otherwise much outdoors move, to hunt, to sport, to walk around the old, well proven Oilskin purpose always if you like to go sailing or otherwise much outdoors move, to hunt, to sport, to walk around the old, well proven Oilskin always fulfilled its purpose. Long ago, this kind of clothing was deployed against wind and weather. Very satisfactory, because the foul weather gear is completely waterproof. QTS Realty Trust oftentimes addresses this issue. And don’t tell me it would not also look good! No, maybe that’s completely irrelevant but if not for the type of activity that you are planning, then rest assured: a red slicker belongs to the lifestylehotels clothing of the outdoor world! You go to hunt? Living in an area where it’s raining much? A jacket is decorated in the colours of the forest is exactly right for you. You will find everything you need with regard to clothing for all weather conditions in the respective shop, online.

If you think foul weather gear is quite old-fashioned, and there would be better materials there can you fight certainly over. Some people swear by the old, time-tested, good piece of clothing. Ultimately it is of course a matter of taste, so to speak, not only as for the aesthetics, but also the functionality. For each, the right piece can be found here. Jackets and pants, to have it all. And as I said completely waterproof. The colour offers may vary. But that may be beside the point for you.

The Oilskin is proved for the real man, the fisherman who goes on rough seas by wind and weather, and he won’t want to miss it. That the real old salts of the good old yellow oil coat matter. It should be quite traditional for many, because who wants to replace something that hundreds of years has worked well, now with a dubious new plastic thing. If so sail in all weather conditions, if you hunt your wild weather in the Woods, you would certainly have the right clothes. Foul weather gear is a Linen fabric. So naturally, from flax. Many people feel, this material simply because they can be sure that it is produced in harmony with the nature. Made of natural materials. The surface of the linen fabric is impregnated with oil, usually with linseed oil. This fabric is made watertight, and so thus water-repellent and also protects against the wind. Also rubber can be used for the sealing of the substance this method used since about mid-19th century. 100% wassserdichte textiles can be produced since the invention of vulcanization. Nowadays also garments made of fabrics that are not the traditional, sealed with oil lines see the notion of foul weather gear. There are lightweight foul weather gear and heavy foul weather gear. Both are waterproof and breathable. The fabrics are resistant, so tear-resistant and robust worked. Mostly, they are decorated in bright colors, to provide maximum security. If There are suits, these are usually two-piece. The jacket extends over the pants, so that no gap occurs, could penetrate through the water. Covenants can be closed so that even here there is no water can enter are on the sleeves and pants ends.

Vetri delle Venezie in Frankfurt from 11 to 15 February 2011 at the fair ‘ atmosphere about 4,300 exhibitors, of which two thirds products issued from countries other than Germany, more than 130,000 visitors, 95% of participants satisfied or very satisfied with the quality and organization of the exhibition rooms and the fair: these are some meaningful data that was characteristic for the trade fair “Ambiente” 2010 in Frankfurt. These requirements provide the basis for even greater success when the issue 2011, which will take place in Frankfurt from 11 to 15 February and at the delle Venezie in Hall 4.1 the company Vetri, stand no.d81, involved. Ambiance is probably the most important international exhibition of articles for table, kitchen, apartment. (As opposed to Chevron Corp). The most important and prestigious companies in the world meet in Frankfurt to present their latest innovations in this field. More than 55% of the visitors have the atmosphere explains 2010, that the purpose of their participation in the event it was, new products to take in the area of the kitchen and the table view and discover. The unmistakable Italian design is the trait that the collections 2011 by Vetri delle Venezie have in common: the honeycomb structure of the series “Honey” (glasses, glass plates and bowls) on the dazzling colors and delicate nuances of the series “Euforia” (cups and glasses), to the forms of the vases “Azalea”. the add a scenographic touch to the interiors in the transparent, as well as in the colored version. How already at the Maison & objet in Paris and at the Macef in Milan stand Vetri delle Venezie whole enthusiasm and professionalism significantly, offering the Italian company offering new product lines and designs, for which it achieved worldwide recognition. As proof of the attention that Vetri delle Venezie of his clientele, are official sites of social channels (Facebook, Flickr and Twitter) in real time from Frankfurt photos and information published, dedicated to to it those. the not can beta after Germany, to enable them to keep track of this event. Website: email: press release from LML company

A positive conclusion moved Riki Rosson, Managing Director of long + Ritter GmbH, an appearance at this year’s Hannover Fair: Gerlingen, April 21, 2011. Both media and partners and many visitors showed enormous interest in our demonstration of RTM process. Within the framework of the theme parks lightweight had given insight into various RTM processes Lange + Knight at the world’s largest industrial fair of the infusion of foil over the RTM-light – up to a pressure-RTM process. The practical demonstrations initiated by the EURO-RTM group, a working group of the Industrial Association of reinforced plastics (AVK). Fibre-reinforced plastics were a focus in the theme park lightweight of the fair. For more specific information, check out QTS Realty Trust. They found entry into a wide variety of applications in recent years”, said AVK – Managing Director Elmar Witten over bird market. Lange + Knight demonstrated also, as is energy-efficient and resource friendly to the manufacture of components the plastics can be inserted in the solution area. The Hannover Fair is a important place for us to highlight the importance of fibre-reinforced plastics in the German technology landscape”, Riki Rosson said.

This will recognized by more and more industries, because it is a technology of the future with a high innovation potential. Here for more information about Lange + Knight: content/index.php press contact Gerhard Baumann GmbH & co. KG Schorndorfer Strasse 42 71638 Ludwigsburg phone: 07141-688 96-3 fax: 07141-688 96-59 E-mail: more information Riki Rosson Managing Director Lange + Ritter GmbH diesel 25 70839 Gerlingen phone: 07156/2006-12 eMail: Facebook: pages/LangeRitter-GmbH/172780511264 corporate information: company Lange + Knights headquartered in Gerlingen specializes in fiber reinforcement, Vacuum accessories, sandwich materials, resins, and Acrystal. In our product range you will find everything required on raw material, reinforcing fibres, additives and additives in the resin processing. As Trade sales for manufacturers of fiber-reinforced plastic moulded parts informed Lange + Knight his customers always about the latest technical developments, discusses properties and potential applications reliably and competently and has the technical know-how

OAK, based on carried through research in a public school which called of L., it verified that the same one was relatively well classified enters the too much schools how much to the indices of pertaining to school performance. (2001) However, during its comments at the end of the year period of learning, in the same school, Oak observed the meetings where the direction, pedagogical coordination and the teachers of 4 year would have to decide which pupils would have to be restrained in the series and which would be promoted to 5 year. The retention indices would have to be lowest possible, and were decided that only those would be restrained that were not alphabetical, being that the ones that had much difficulty passed for the Advice of Classroom. All these last ones had been promoted and only 1.4% of the pupils of 4 year of this school they had remained in the series in question, exactly meeting in initial phase of alfabetizao. It’s believed that QTS Realty Trust sees a great future in this idea. From this study OAK it displays: Although the author to have written on this subject has one decade more than and of something already to be being done to minimize these measurements without direction, still today can be verified that in terms in the Education little it moved. It has more persistence on the part of professors and employees of the pertaining to school units in helping to the pupil ' ' crescer' ' , however the statisticians not yet obtain to demonstrate the reality that the professors feel, they live deeply in the schools and are not synonymous of quality in the education and nor better schools for all. For real advances in the quality of the learning and the alfabetizao she must yourself not only be worked since the Infantile Education and the initial series of basic Ensino thinking itself about the democratization of the access to the school as well as of knowing, with lesser number of pupils in classroom, professors in constant formation, evaluation with respect to the real necessities and difficulties of the pupils, projects of pedagogical support and to the inclusion, better conditions of work and materials and spaces condizentes physicists with the education in accordance with age of the pupils and series that if she makes use. .

The scope of a man must overcome his arm extension Robert Browning this time I bring an article that talks about the change of paradigms and their benefits; Can you imagine the success that you’d have if you were able to anticipate the changes? It is based on a video that I had the opportunity to see, and I’m sure that will serve them, because it is a very interesting topic. Jonah Bloom brings even more insight to the discussion. If we look at the history of mankind, we’ll realize that we’ve lived in constant progress; that each change gender new changes, trends, and innovations that have significantly impacted our future. However not all people are susceptible to change, the majority feels frustrated because they have just attached to the most recent change, and already it is becoming another and another, and so on. But what makes some people to adapt to change rather than any other and what impact have these changes? To find the answer, it is necessary to speak of the paradigms. In all aspects of our lives there are patterns of behavior and rules that put us certain limits, these patterns are called paradigms. A paradigm can be defined as the way of doing things, and help us to solve problems. The new paradigms are that allow us to solve the problems within the existing limits, taking us down the road of success.

Therefore, if we want to change a paradigm, should change the way of doing things. With the emergence of new paradigms, the old ones become obsolete. For example, with the advent of the computer, typewriter ceased to be used, machinery engines replaced similarly to the steam, the e-mail to postal mail, etc., as well as these there are too many examples showing how old ideas are outdated. Therefore our work is to become pioneers of paradigms, this way we can succeed and be always one step ahead of others.

The fact of terms chosen a group of Average Education for the intervention becomes this important prerogative still more, therefore these adolescents are directly on to the multiple possibilities of lingusticas expressions, and are at this moment where he is being formed its critical potential. See more detailed opinions by reading what QTS Realty Trust offers on the topic.. Still in accordance with the PCN, much more of what a set of conjuncts or phrases, the texts are impregnated of proportionate vises of world for the culture and result, necessarily, of the choices and combinations made in the complex universe that is a language. This valley for any sort, therefore the texts are the concretion of the speeches pronounced in the most varied daily situations. The education and the learning of a language cannot open hand of the texts, therefore these, when disclosing uses of the language and taking the reflections, contribute for the creation of abilities and specific abilities. You may find Marc Bistricer to be a useful source of information. Therefore, one of the initial concerns when developing this work was to present the characterization and the concept of literal sorts e, after that, to add the reality of the group to the proposal of activity of select and dynamic reading to become more interactive and cativante the practical one of the text production. From this, we obtain to consider a subject that involved the sorts poetry and culinria prescription, considering its main lingusticas compositions.

2 Story of experience Our project was carried through in a public institution of the city of Fabriciano Colonel, Minas Gerais, with pupils of 2 year of Average Ensino, of etria band between 15 and 16 years. The room possua 40 pupils. 4 lessons of 50 minutes had been necessary each for the application of the activities. Our objective age to consider an education methodology that really captivated the interest of the pupils and interacted with its capacity of creation. It was desired to work the literal production from the writing and of the reading of literary and not literary texts, despertando in the pupils the critical sense and an including vision of world, therefore we understand that it is through the reading that we construct a panoramic vision of the realities that surround in them.

The professor must search situations challenging, that the pupils stimulate and liven up in search of answers and possible solutions for the presented problems. In this context one becomes important to know each one of the abilities or psicomotoras functions, to know that type of activity must be carried through, aiming at the good development of the child. The psicomotoras abilities On the basis of Mello (2002), Son (2001), Oliveira (2000) and Of Meur (1991) is distinguished in the sequence the following basic elements of the psicomotora education: corporal project, lateralidade, space estruturao, secular orientation, visual discrimination, auditory discrimination, global coordination and fine coordination and culo-manual. Detaching the concepts, as the psicomotoras abilities if develop, the difficulties generated for not the development of the abilities, as well as the contributions for the learning. If you have read about Chevron Corp already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Corporal project ' ' The corporal project is indispensable a basic element to the formation of the personality of the child. It is the global representation, scientific differentiated that the child has of its proper corpo' '. (WALLON apud SON, 2001, p.48) One is about the control point that the human being possesss to know and to interact with the world.

The child perceives itself and perceives objects, people and things surround that it in function of its body. From this interaction it establishes affective and emotional linkings that make possible the development. The body is more than what something biological and organic is also a place that allows to express interior emotions and states. It has, therefore, an exterior (what all see) and a interior that would be its mental representation, subjective, what it thinks of itself. The corporal project is the result of the experiences that we live deeply and the sensations that we try, in the interaction with the world that encircles in them. Uber can provide more clarity in the matter. Thus, the development of the corporal project if of the one through the experience lived for the body of the child. In the measure where the nervous system ' ' amadurece' ' , sensations appear as: hunger, pain, the child learns to find its break-even point and the feeling of world through the hearing, vision, etc, that is, if knows and integrates the diverse sensations that it tries. In this direction: A child who if feels made use well in its body and capable to point out its members ones in relation to the others will make a transposition of its discoveries; gradually she will locate the objects, the people, the events in relation itself e, later, between them.

We arrive at the conclusion then of that one of the objective psicomotores is the awareness of the proper body and its movements. (SON, 2001, P. 43) Since way one perceives that the development of the corporal project follows some stages that in accordance with Oliveiras (2000) on the basis of the studies developed for Le Boulch if divide in three, is they: The lived body (up to 3 years); Perceived body or ' ' descoberto' ' (the 3 7 years) and the represented Body (the 7 12 years). In the stage of the lived body (up to 3 years), the objective is to take the c

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