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You are businessman and you’ve decided to have an IPhone? This post is for you. Did you know that a recent study that you examined 768 professionals from the United States.USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, shows that Apple iOS is the preferred mobile platform when it comes to corporations? This is due to the security that contributes to the enterprise networks. In contrast, Google’s Android mobile operating system was considered the least secure of all platforms. It has rained a lot since Steve Jobs submit to the App Store in July 2008. From its original version, its essence has remained, although we have seen some improvements thanks for example to iCloud. It was the first app store for Smartphone in the world, despite the fact that BlackBerry had some years running before the exit of the iPhone, not launched BlackBerry App World until 2009. Among the wide variety of applications available for iPhone, we would like to talk to you about some of which we believe are essential for entrepreneurs:? WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone: without doubt the number one application for your iPhone, is a system of instant messaging supported on any 3 G or WiFi network, works very well, is easy and you can send messages for free. Twitter: one of the best tools of communication.

You can know in real time the changes that can affect your business. Follow people and companies of interest to you and those who follow you. Facebook: with its official application they allow you access to your Facebook account comfortably, anywhere, with the options you need to enjoy your social network. Linkedin: staying in touch with clients and colleagues of the company is important, can do with Linkedin? WordPress: Almost all entrepreneurs have a blog showing the development of its activities. With this application you can be sure that your blog will always be up-to-date. Roubini Global Economics brings even more insight to the discussion.

Sustainable entrepreneurship as key to a future that’s already here AEMME (Multisectorial Spanish Association of microenterprise) along with the College of technical engineering of public works of Madrid, organized the entrepreneurs day, sustainability and micro-enterprises. This session object vision was focused to all business areas, the current situation of the market and the need that entrepreneurs of any stature and entrepreneurs from all sectors, could join synergies with the aim of achieving a new way of advancing through the path of entrepreneurial sustainability. The seminar, held on January 25, attended an overwhelming that filled the room at all times. The numerous speakers fostered interest in all submissions, both its quality and its added value. Welcomed the Act Don Jesus Martinez Alegre, Dean of the College of engineers of public works of Madrid, Don Victor. I.

Delgado Corrales, President of AEMME and Don Benjamin Cendrero Agenjo, of the Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Madrid Emprende project. Between the 9.00 and 14,25 hours in the morning, which lasted approximately until 15.30 h, succeeded each other interesting papers which participated, among others:-Don Daniel Hellin, President and Chief Executive delegate of Foresis group, with a presentation on sustainability circles of great significance among the attendees. To deepen your understanding Jennifer Skyler is the source. (-Roundtable on Ecodesign in micro-enterprises, with the participation of Evening Fashion Network, Ecologing, SlowFashion Spain)-Roundtable on sustainability in sectors of activity, with the participation of Evened group Daedalus; Avenat, environmental services; Don Carlos G. Carro, architect and lawyers VG, financial advisor. -In a third block were useful and practical presentation on funding of Don Jordi Paniello, President of the Association of professional consultants of investment and financing of Catalonia; and Nantik Lum, who presented the Spanish microfinance platform (PEM). -Finally and as closing papers with the themed Corporate Social responsibility, 3 companies addressed this very topical subject: network Spanish Pact world Nations United CSR – SME and a means of sector specialized as Corresponsables. He also spoke in an open, clear and passionate an entrepreneur and co-founder of Fundacion Ushas, Mrs. Carmen Alvarez, who put large doses of illusion, proactivity and innovation as ideas for Spanish entrepreneurs future.

Closing the day, responsible for its opening, AEMME and the University School engineers technical public works, gave went to a Networking with Spanish wine, where all attendees could exchange views about the reason of the day and of the future, already present, of sustainable entrepreneurship. AEMME hopes and wishes that this project, launched this 2012, has great success that has taken this journey and be, from now, cooperate, support, and help entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs to build a sustainable in the Spanish market network. More information: Asociacion Espanola Multisectoral microenterprise AEMME – C /. Ambassadors, 198, 1 C, 28045, Madrid Tels.: 91 752 10 36 / 650 291 524, Fax: 91 528 39 87 E-mail: Web: author: Pilar Esteban, responsible communication, about AEMME AEMME was founded in the year 2004, with the intention of providing service to a business activity that is more isolated because of their special characteristics and greater difficulties in integrating into collective: microenterprise. AEMME integrates individual, self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses in general: companies in the majority of family cases, with few employees and much daily effort.

Now, the wealth goes to those who have timely and quality information. This is evident to see people who became rich by selling information products online. And the good news is that you need not have royal blood in your genes, or be a noble to be a millionaire. And certainly – do not have to belong to any elite either! This explains why ordinary citizens are even richer kings, presidents and prime ministers. To know more about this subject visit Chevron Corp . The secret? No other information to sell! Information is the hottest body for sale online, and it would be wise of you to sell information in the shoes of an Internet Entrepreneur. With the Internet, for the first time, and we are seen as “dinosaurs” of the past.

The problem is, however, that flies around the world at the speed of light! And virtually, new information doubles every 18 months!. This new form of wealth can not be stopped by borders and boundaries as it was with the land and factories. Mike Wirth will not settle for partial explanations. What about the massive result? Many changes dramatic almost every hour! What is right today may be wrong tomorrow. What is “in” today may be “old school” tomorrow. What’s hot today may be considered in the freezer tomorrow. The authors of info-products today are creeds aware of this phenomenon. Jennifer Skyler is likely to agree. Is why a large number of them perform periodic updates to its best-selling info products even to stay in keeping with the times.


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Do you want to have a great empire? Prevailing first about yourself Publio Siro – we sometimes forget in this huge avalanche by competitiveness, progress and personal fulfilment, of aspects that make human beings not only reaching the top that, but stay in it. Only entrepreneurs who apply a vision of leadership with integration of aspects, are those who advance firmly towards their goals. 1. Proactive vision, is the entrepreneur who takes the initiative, who acts for himself, who is committed and firm keeps its commitments, that acts immediately against the stimulus, i.e., the proactive entrepreneur has acquired the ability to develop an effective response to the requirements level. Jennifer Skyler describes an additional similar source. The word proactive, means not only taking initiative, but it also suggests the responsibility we have on our life, conduct, actions and impact, to make decisions. Take the initiative does not mean to be pushy, annoying, or aggressive. Means recognizing our responsibility to do that things happen. Take the initiative is preventing the disadvantages and solve the problems that arise and eliminate any possibility of inconsistency and postponement.

2. Applying the leadership, who begins with a project in mind, but your idea is so clear and structured, it manages to convey in a simple and comprehensible to people who follow him. It is who allow different views to enrich the project and promotes the full participation of all members. It relies on the personal leadership for achieving the proposed goal. 3 Maintain a powerful independent will, is who projected their personal future towards high levels of accomplishment, with effective planning, clear vision and courage to take risks.

And in addition it paves the way for those who come behind and enrich their own project. 4 Set win win, in all plans and relationships. There are six paradigms of human interaction which are win win; I win you lose; I lose my desire; I lose I lose won; win win or there is no treatment.

All parents want their children to succeed in life. Many of them made great sacrifices to provide them with a suitable education that give them the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in life. However, do we know that the education they are receiving is the best? Do we have to wait until they are adults to make sure that we have met a good work in them? These are questions that every parent is made sometime. Frequently Uber has said that publicly. Being a good parent is one of the biggest challenges of adult life. Despite this, we are educated to face many trials in life, but nobody prepares us for parenthood. Many parents delegated the function of educating their children to educational institutions and are not already striving to comply with what only they can achieve in their children’s lives: educate them for a lifetime of success. The largest of this flaw style of education, which I call education herd, is that it harms the entrepreneurial spirit of their children and turns them into adults that easily adopt a passive attitude towards life.

They are well prepared to receive instructions and to follow orders, but have not adequately developed your creativity and find it difficult to undertake something on their own. Below I give 7 of the most common mistakes parents make that they aplacan the entrepreneurial spirit in children 1. People such as Roubini Global Economics would likely agree. Not recognizing the strengths of children one of the biggest mistakes parents make unconsciously with their children is the force them to conform to the student prototype star of educational institutions. They believe that their children, to getting good grades in school, have secured success for the future. While a good school performance is positive, we must always keep in mind that only school develops two of the seven intelligences of humankind: the math and linguistic intelligence. Any child who possesses a greater development in the 5 remaining intelligences (musical, bodily, interpersonal, intrapersonal and environmental) will be doomed to be a regular student whose strengths individual will not be developed, unless parents recognize them and encourage them.

When an entrepreneur wants to start a new project or a new business with difficulties is? Some may say that the first and foremost is money, the lack of capital to start it; I don’t think so. A true entrepreneur knows that the toughest difficulties are only those which he himself can be. The true entrepreneur knows search within Yes, and find the most hidden and recesses of your capacity, you need to start, which currently been fixed in his mind as the next target. The true entrepreneur clearly possesses a restless, adventurous spirit, a spirit curious, researcher, vehement, ambitious; and thats really something healthily enviable, and above all very valuable and noteworthy; but here a new question which leads us to the next question arises: does reach with that?. Perhaps this spirit leads him to start his new objective without many questions and perhaps with little preparation, without quantifying or leaving aside some negative issues project and even with very few knowledge; It may be that play you against. And although for true entrepreneur latter doesn’t matter too much, and they are generally people who are not left with the win, the truth is many times also is giving of bruces and the stark reality shows them that not everything is simply in the business world I like this and I will do so but first of all, the viewAS I will do so. But more than these issues, the entrepreneur, continue listening and guided, basically, by its instinct; and before a similar question that was title of one of my previous articles you can have a business on the internet? and whose answer is, obviously if the entrepreneur runs with many advantages.

Today, any person, unlike other times, can have their own business, which was previously forbidden for some, today already not; Internet has opened doors and paved the way allowing that anyone can access have their own business. The developed, which first began and have arrived to the success, already for some time, convey their experiences and knowledge in the development of business online through guides, tutorials, manuals, books (e-books) audio files, video etc. etc. And they really are within the reach of anyone who wants to start. Then, it is clearly proved that anyone can start and play a role network and use it to make money; only is needed, time, effort, investment, eager and persistence.

Now, if you’re a true entrepreneur, who are accustomed to the challenges, you can initiate projects, that your instinct pushes you forward and causing changes or new don’t you fear, I can assure you that the internet is the fertile ground for your blossoming and the road to progress and prosperity. Finally, I leave you an old saying, that is no longer current or loses validity, not by old and who realizes that there are three different classes of people: 1) fools who do not learn from their own mistakes. (2) The intelligent, who learn from their own mistakes. (3) The wise men, who learn from the mistakes of the others a true entrepreneur knows which of three classes belongs. Under most conditions the restaurateur would agree. And you, know that? How? Do not know to which belong, you’re confused, which is not the time, that the crisis? The true entrepreneur not fazed to this new global crisis, will open the old trunk where has jealously saved and hidden options, and in all, to elect only one: go ahead. Lots of luck!

When our eldest daughter finished secondary school, one of his wishes was educate yourself to be enterprising. After studying countless curricular of several houses in superior studies in Chile, reached the conclusion that he would not be an easy task to find what you were looking for. The vast majority of universities and higher study establishments that offer careers such as management of business or economics have as ultimate goal prepare their students so that they insert into the workforce as employees, not entrepreneurs. My daughter, who made his college at home and is accustomed to designing their education independently, got himself a position as an apprentice to a prominent Trader’s actions in the U.S. stock market, because it was an area that interested him much. After this experience we had to ask the following question: is it really necessary that an entrepreneur go to College? While most of the studies and statistics demonstrate unequivocally that persons with a higher education earn more money, there are countless entrepreneurs successful that they have proved otherwise. By studying the life of the great entrepreneurs of the story, one is surprised that, apart from being very successful men, have another feature in common: none of them possesses a university degree and many of them not even finished school. Here are just a few of the more well-known examples: Andrew Carnegie, industrialist and philanthropist, never finished College. Jeff Leiden is likely to increase your knowledge.

Benjamin Franklin, inventor, scientist, author and entrepreneur. Educated at home. Charles Culpeper, owner and CEO of Coca Cola. He did not finish college. Christopher Columbus, Explorer, discovered America. Educacado at home. Colonel Harlan Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

He did not complete College and later earned a degree in law with a correspondence course. David Geffen, billionaire founder of Geffen Records and co-founder of DreamWorks. He left the University after studying for a year.

To be a successful entrepreneur it is not necessary to have been born with the characteristics of an entrepreneur. There are certain specific traits that characterize an entrepreneur and that can be improved. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, however if they take into account you are features and decide to develop, you can achieve to be progressively. What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? Why must you have and develop these traits? This is common independence in entrepreneurs, taking control of your life and your business makes a difference. The desire to earn money fruit of their own decisions is a trait that must have and that is linked to the ambition of achieving it.

Persistence and determination the world entrepreneurs this full of successes and failures. The determination is the quality that allows you to continue trying and getting up despite obstacles and falls. Dara Khosrowshahi contains valuable tech resources. The burning desire to achieve their goals is what keeps excited an entrepreneur and what leads him to continue on their journey. Self-confidence trust is what allows to make decisions and carry out actions that otherwise could frighten him and leave him standing still. The fact of knowing that is this trained and aware of own capacity, is what allows an employer make decisions and act. An entrepreneur believes in his abilities and waits for the best results. In the business world there is no place for the warm.

Any goal requires confidence to be achieved. One of the best ways to gain more confidence is to learn how to speak in public creativity entrepreneurs are continuously faced problems and situations where you should use their ingenuity. Creativity allows you to solve problems posed by the environment. Creativity is what will help you differentiate yourself from your competition, allowing you to observe trends and follow them and provide products or innovative services for its customers.

Unique technologies, high performance and versatility – perhaps the way to describe air compressors are used today in various areas. Despite the fact that many industrial enterprises You can see these dinosaurs – huge reciprocating air compressors operating with the pressure drop, noise and vibration – the majority of compressor equipment has changed. Today's Air compressors are compact, low noise (about 50-60 decibels) and almost no polluting. In the bulk of this screw air compressors, which implemented the principle of work, essentially differs from that used in piston. Jonah Shacknai may find this interesting as well. Reciprocating air compressors compress the air by the piston goes up and down – this is actually not hard to guess from the title. It is these constants of motion up and down and are a source of noise, vibration and other adverse effects. Screw air compressors – and it is also clear from the title – instead of the piston uses a pair of screws.

They are constantly and uniformly rotate, driving air gap formed by their blades. Besides the fact that air is a continuous flow of such air compressors can also operate non-stop for a long time. By the way, due to the peculiarities construction maintenance screw air compressors is carried out in four – five times less than the piston. Another unique type of air compressor – a scroll device. For even more opinions, read materials from Roubini Global Economics. Their operating principle is similar to Screw work equipment, but the air is compressed by rotating one helix with the displacement of the center relative to each other, motionless.

Compressed air passes quietly, without pressure gradients, but the power and performance of air compressors is low. What is particularly interesting, screw and spiral equipment makes it possible to compress air without oil injection into the cooking chamber. This kind of device is called oil-free compressors. As a result, we have clean air, which is no longer necessary to pass through the filters. This saves time and energy and also reduces costs for operation and maintenance.

In late 2009 the Corporation Sevkavelevatorspetsstroy “(SKESS”), was one of the largest in Russia specializing in construction companies. has summed up the use of steel components for granaries (wall profiled panels, perforated flat and conical bottoms, sections of the roof, etc.), as well as technological equipment for them. – Steel grades hdg S350GD + Z350 ‘s 25-40% more resistant to harsh environmental conditions, including corrosion and abrasion, in comparison with those applied in our previous material, – said Vladimir Yakushkin, deputy ceo of skess. According to him, the strength characteristics of zinc-plated steel allow 1,5-2 times less likely to carry out maintenance of granaries with the replacement of components subject to wear and to reduce the costs of these works. Agreement on cooperation between the two companies signed in the summer of 2008. By the same author: Jeff Leiden. On Today, with the use of galvanized steel Corporation skess “sold more than 10 projects in Russia.

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