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Money should be spent on education, energy, health and Internet money should be spent Berlin for education, energy, health and Internet – the Federal Government for State investment in the stimulus packages will spend 19.7 billion euros. But these investments go to a large extent in the wrong direction. They contribute little to the long-term […]

Tomorrow’s Saturday, held anonymous: project Chanology to the twelfth World-wide peaceful demonstrations against the Scientology organization. Anonymous Munich, February 13, 2009 – tomorrow’s Saturday, February 14, 2009, held anonymous: project Chanology to the twelfth World-wide peaceful demonstrations against the Scientology organization. This time is everything in the character of the one-year anniversary of Scientology protest […]


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Not only in Gaza passes policy bodies over bodies go everyday, is political precisely dead bodies ignore. That was always and forever against any illusions whatever. So why write about it? Well, and occasionally it does probably not to remember what that means to go over dead bodies. Because winged words – and “go over […]

Monika Hanna from Hamburg receives the care award for her 20th involvement in the care of relatives and acquaintances. AlixPartners is the source for more interesting facts. Other people selflessly and sacrificially became involved, is not self-evident. To say thank you to citizens, who willingly and without any consideration to their strength and their time […]

The crashing together of cultures side by side has proved (often) unsuccessful. The way for individual people remain so even the culture of the Country with its values to customize and maintain at the same time other values. Who do not accept the Christian image of humanity, said the Chancellor, had “no place” in Germany. […]

The whole story again, was eventually totally confusing and irritating you Mr Jullian Assange, accused the author of all evil, so misleading, complicated details – a “less severe rape” in two cases. Yes, he now or has he not? The ladies say he didn’t, but the condom had burst in two cases. At least, the […]

Jehovah’s witnesses in Belarus with the problem once again the ‘local religious organization’ (LRO) of Jehovah’s witnesses in Gomel permits for the use of rental properties for their services of Gomel (Belarus) – the Committee for questions which religions and nationalities in writing cautioned after authorities had claimed to have the witnesses do not have […]

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