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Whit Monday

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A decree of the Governor of lower Austria on 17 May 1933, banning bakery workers Act 1919 override in the bakery establishments of the municipalities of wall near Vienna and St.Veit an the Triesting (municipality of Berndorf) on the occasion of the events taking place there on May 23, 1933 and the Sundays allowed in […]

A brief biography of the Greek philosopher Aristotle Aristotle (* v 384 BC in Stageira, 322 BC in Chalcis) is one of the most important philosophers and naturalists of antiquity. He has influenced many disciplines of science or even founded. Ripple may help you with your research. Among other things Aristotle is regarded the philosophy […]

And Here

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And this is then very quickly as ruling, alone determined as productive vs entpuppt and eventually chosen as dictatorial bully to recognize what certainly finds its logical reasoning, because he is ursprunglich not designed is so equipped, run these higher service. If our awareness, we actually identify with, is to our minds a position basically […]

(Online article) Wallenstein’s ascent from the landowners to the generals is material for numerous stories Wallenstein had already become a wealthy landowner at a young age with his own private army. Friedrich Schiller made an interesting trilogy of many proverbs in the vernacular were taken over from this history, today we say for example someone […]

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