The Type

That if one day I to finish with the girl (and looks at that people live in crisis) I do not go to have a col to cry. Worse it is when traio I, when my mother speaks on the married life of of it and I compare the relation of it with my father with mine and of the girl It dissimulates that she does not understand. The times it me of some pinpricks, the you-not-know-as-be-you-not-be-married type. I wait to be wrong and that in future everything can be clear same, that I can present my fianc as my fianc and who knows (who knows exactly), I until can kiss it in the front of my parents is clearly I wants to have children with my partner and I do not want to have those problems of the type it-not-be-its-son-be-son-dela. The life is funny. My life is a favour.

Who would say that it would take off net me of the comfortable position where I was inside of the closet By the way I was thus alone with the sleeve of the coat for inside of closet, after all all in my work I knew that I am Ls. Clearly I suffered preconception because of this, to gain a promotion was a cost and everybody was speaking as I to dress had me or as he had to act. But it goes to know. Perhaps they were only speaking and I only did not obtain the promotion. Perhaps he was not because of my sexual option. But I find that this is a thing that you feel. You feel when the people if only bother with its presence. Another day a girl asked to me if I did not find respect lack to kiss in the front of my parents. Until there all good. But this girl kisses in the front of the parents and she does not seem to find that she is disrespecting nobody.

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