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Reading the creation of the world, I perceived the power of the hands, Hands of the creator, was it created who you it caught, you it blessed, you I pardon, you! if it donated! it loved you! It showed to you that it loved to all infinitely. In the creation it even hears the temptation, […]

When an entrepreneur wants to start a new project or a new business with difficulties is? Some may say that the first and foremost is money, the lack of capital to start it; I don’t think so. A true entrepreneur knows that the toughest difficulties are only those which he himself can be. The true […]

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That if one day I to finish with the girl (and looks at that people live in crisis) I do not go to have a col to cry. Worse it is when traio I, when my mother speaks on the married life of of it and I compare the relation of it with my father […]

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