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When I thought that all age dream was there that the reality appeared to my eyes. To wake up in that morning for me was a sacrifice when thinking that dream did not leave my mind, was everything so real! The projects that to the times we always create nor are programmed and as the […]

Percy Herryson

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_Olha its priest, says much thing to you in the mass that I did not see, nor knows if it happened. exactly thus I do not call to it liar in its house. Therefore am I knew I it personally, I do not know. Not this of the TV. more the true one, leaves to […]

I entered and I sat down soon in the first wallet of the first row? the girls had been to seat behind there. During the interminable period of wait, while the teacher wrote our names in a list and cut them and folded them in perfectly equal way I saw, me in one palco, singing […]

Reading the creation of the world, I perceived the power of the hands, Hands of the creator, was it created who you it caught, you it blessed, you I pardon, you! if it donated! it loved you! It showed to you that it loved to all infinitely. In the creation it even hears the temptation, […]

When an entrepreneur wants to start a new project or a new business with difficulties is? Some may say that the first and foremost is money, the lack of capital to start it; I don’t think so. A true entrepreneur knows that the toughest difficulties are only those which he himself can be. The true […]

The Type

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That if one day I to finish with the girl (and looks at that people live in crisis) I do not go to have a col to cry. Worse it is when traio I, when my mother speaks on the married life of of it and I compare the relation of it with my father […]

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