Implementation Maintenance Configuration

We provide the following services: Consultation on the choice of 1C software delivery and installation of the software may install and implement training of staff working with the system Information technology support (ITS) Support put into operation sistemyProdazha 1C. Implementation of 1C. Service 1C. Updates 1C 1C. 1C, 1C, Retail, Manufacturing 1C.

Automation enterprises based on 1C software. '1 C: Enterprise 8 for Ukraine '- automation of accounting and tax accounting. '1 In: Salary and Personnel Administration 8 for Ukraine 'automation of payroll and sales personnel policy. '1 C: Trade Management 8 'modern tool for improving business performance of commercial enterprise. Any 1C services.

In order to solve current problems (eg, urgent update the configuration software, business continuity, create new forms or documents), our specialists are ready to provide one-time services. The company "Aleanza" offers a full range of support services and implementation of software products based on the platform of "1C: Enterprise 8": * software implementation services * Services for localization and internationalization (the creation of interfaces for different languages), software * audit services for the accounting systems timely prevention of human errors that can lead to unnecessary cost client services * Technical Controlling program (periodic technical audit of the operations of users) * audit services business processes * service-user training on-site and remote client * service to refine the software to customer requirements * Customer services and support programs. * Create and adjustment mechanisms of automatic exchange between databases as identical or different configurations * to convert databases in various configurations * operational advice for the timely resolution of emerging issues * information security databases. "1C Enterprise 8" – this is the most powerful and versatile tool for accounting, tax, management accounting and IFRS accounting in one system, which the company realized many years of experience 1C tasks on a platform of "1C Enterprise 7.7" and the international principles of accounting. Working with us, you will get answers to your questions.

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