Pastoral Advice

In meeting of Advice, with the present parish priest, it liked repeated times, to say that they mistreated it much and that already it was going to leave the position. The first time I listened to that it seemed normal to me, but this was appellant, and seems because it liked that they said to him that it did not have to do that, because the parish needed much, and that did not make case to those people, since they were envious ones and that Jesus also underwent the same. On tears in the eyes it told that it had dreamed about Jesus, and in his dream Jesus it showed a way to him difficult, and it requested aid to him. Honestly also I was believed that story. All this not would have had importance if something would stay as anecdotal, if it had not given account to me of his strategy to make especially be bad before the parish priest to the people who we worked in the same service, and.

The members of the Council we from time to time had the opportunity to attend the meetings of the other pastoral groups, to be able to coordinate some actions and also to make arrive decisions that were taken in meeting of Pastoral Advice. Certain time Mrs. Gabriela who was the one that always attended these meetings, could not by reason X, then I offered itself to attend a meeting in particular of which I want to narrate next. He was one of the first months of the year, and it had to begin to prepare the one of the parochial raffle of year end. It was necessary to meet with the zone coordinators, to distribute the checkbooks to each coordinator. Mrs. Gabriela could not attend this meeting and I offered myself By reasons for time Mrs. Gabriela had opportunity to meet with the parish priest before each meeting of Advice.

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