Select The Uninterruptible Power Supply

Summer and winter are often the most difficult times of the year in terms of energy – all include air conditioning in summer, winter, additional heating, therefore, the local substation often can not withstand the load that leads to a voltage drop. Probably each of us has ever experienced in my life with very nevovremya the lights off when the left until the end of a few seconds and the file did not work to preserve, as a result of then have to resort to data recovery services – so users have come to understand about the UPS and of course faced with a choice – ANY bespereboynik better and how to choose? In this article we will answer these issues and make recommendations on the selection of an appropriate unit. Often people ask: 'How much UPS will hold the PC, turned off electricity? '. The answer is simple: "It depends on the power uninterruptible power supply, as well as the load that the device serves. " So, choose bespereboynik to the existing circumstances. Let's try to understand what kind of load we have stand, and then choose bespereboyniki, which can withstand such a load of them already and we define the one that will withstand the required time. In most cases, the UPS is plugged into the monitor and system unit.

That determine their capacity to look at power supplies of these devices, there is often specified wattage. Conventional system unit, often have a power supply in the range of 300-500 watts. The biggest liquid crystal displays – up to 100 watts CRT monitors – up to 150 watts. Small peripherals – modems, switches, etc. – No more than 25 watts Printers, kettles, air conditioners and other energy-consuming device connected to an uninterruptible power supply is not highly desirable in view of their great extravagance and the huge start-up stress – they are very quick 'kill' the UPS. Having the total load in watts, multiply the result by 1.4 and define the UPS power in volt-amperes – now you can choose UPS capable withstand the required load. In the article "How to choose a UPS" posted a table showing bespereboynikov APC lifetime at different load in watts and a percentage of the load.

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