PC Pentium III

On trade question. Do you still believe that buying ready-made computer? Let us digress. Ideal computer in our days – this is above all reliability. Why? Yes, because he will need tomorrow, and after five years. Change games and applications, hard drives and increase the number of cores … and text documents and web pages will be always. And they will always be more valuable than gigabytes and gigabytes of movies, distribution of programs and music files. But what is the standard of reliability? Note the 'old car'.

Any experienced service engineer or a programmer, having rummaged in the memory, always remember: the whirl of fashionable sverhproizvoditelnyh systems are islands of stability YEARS 'prehistoric' PC Pentium III or Athlon XP. Moreover, these 'grandfather' of five-seven-year limitations allow all the necessary minimum, and that 'modern' computers – to read and view. That's really really a computer 'for ages'. Was he at the time of purchase prohibitively expensive? No, at that time, this configuration was only slightly more expensive than usual, just collected more professional and better quality of components (note: this "top", designed for the professional setting, iron works best for years and years, say experts.) Was this a specific computer with something transcendent, then? There is none. Just its current owners did not save on quality. The result exceeded all expectations. Where is the "budget" PCs, purchased for reasons "Cheap and nasty"? It has long been forgotten in the scrapyard … or used in suburban areas as the muffin table lamps.

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