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According to the founders of this promising area of psychotherapy, as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in the world if there is one person who knows how to do something, then you can do the same thing. This line of therapy and business consulting, primarily interested in human resources, his abilities and techniques of successful behaviors, as […]

At the moment the only method of spiritual and intellectual development of man and abilities at all, who really gives a precise predictable result, it is auditing. The word means the auditing activities consists in the fact that specially trained people – auditor, listens and gives the team. Auditor – one who listens, the listener. […]

The interest for the subject appeared of the desire to ahead think the paper of the psychologist of this context of the Management of Total Quality, in which if it searchs greater inside participation of the worker of the process, since that is necessary for bigger competitiveness and quality, as well as also the performance […]

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The slope of about 20-30 degrees to the right. This is the most common slope of handwriting. Such a person could be described as openly expressing feelings. At the same time it can not be called an impulsive personality. For He still tend ability to control their emotions in stressful situations. Such a man usually […]

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