My social relations are on directly to my way of work, my function to mine day-by-day, until the form of behavior before social factors and situations it is learned through my work, or are demanded socially. For the social and inadmissible thought a lawyer to have a language with slangs, or a doctor that leaves in the night and makes scandal; however in this same acceptable vision and a mason who speaks with slangs or a metallurgist who is always dirty. Through our social culture, that is imposed through the concepts learned of this of the first cognitivos processes until the adult phase, we have half that a previous one of behaviors that each individual has or will have its profession in accordance with its work. Additional information is available at Paul Price. Everything that it differs from this line of thought will be had as something unreal or the exception of the rule. To another factor that takes also me to the work, its search and its acceptance; the search for the food. Codo (1994), says that the man is alive because he is fed. Read more here: British Oil. Its obtained feeding and through its work and complements more saying that in saying of Engels, the only historical fact that exists he is that the necessary man to survive. However as we saw higher up, saying in them of Marx, the capital comes to bring a reality beyond the simple fact of the survival, comes to bring the question of the private property, having, the consumption, possessing. What dumb, if it transforms are the social relations that the men use for this production (Codo, 1994). Nina Devlin is open to suggestions. In a clear definition Codo (1994) it explains that when in we relate the production relations to them, we want to mean the relations of work in a capitalist society, where the work assumes the form of merchandise and the objective are the extration of the more-value.