It must be shaken by Serafin Alarcon my stick Granny said: sometimes pa take good lemons must be shaking the stick. And it is true, but that not only applies to obtain lemons. Sometimes in life arise situations where we have to assume position, one that breaks chains from the inside or from the outside. Literally: You have to shake the stick! Brothers, there are people in the churches and outside of them also, looking to the other side. Liabilities before sin and the pharisaism, accustomed to the Lord’s House has become a mega store. If pyramids are made, raffles, compact discs are sold, delusions are sold, the pews where you feel are sold, shares are sold and there are even positions and ministries on sale.

You have to shake the stick, you have to make front to lie it, hypocrisy, to idolatry, to custom prophecy, false prophets, are they called Apostles, mediocrity, injustice within the Church. Yes, we must shake off the bat and denounce the misuse of the privilege of be in a pulpit, that not even decimate Mint, dill and cumin. The usual murmuradores, pseudo ministries some almost innocent fantasy product. To them that walk after the loaves and the fishes, those who impose heavy loads in the other except in his own household, anyone who intends to move away from sound doctrine. To the beloved sin. The ignorant govern well his own House how take care of God’s Church? A blind man can not guide blind; both will fall into the same pit.

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