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Many people know that to create high-quality and are visiting the site should be unique content, because search engines give it great importance. A page with duplicated content, these same search engines trying to exclude from the index. To verify the content in a unique set up special services. I give a list of Internet services that will help you in determining plagiarism. Why do they need? For example, you ordered copywriter to write the article. After receiving the final text, you must ensure its uniqueness, that is, whether there is a well-known Internet search engines to copy this article? 1) – Western service to check plagiarism, but it can check and Russian text. Verifiable information must be on some Internet resource.

That is just a written text to fill in the hosting and in the window to insert the address (URL) tested page. Appear on the page to load phrases from the text, which is already found on other sites. But lately, this service was paid. Free of charge from one site can make 10 requests per month – it is certainly very small. To connect to a premium account, you must list at least $ 5 and you're in for one year get the opportunity to do 100 queries. Payment is possible only with a credit card. 2) – free service checks for uniqueness. Mike Gianoni has much to offer in this field. For inspection should be in the box under 'Text analysis' to insert text and click the' Search for copies.

" In the new window to load a page with links to duplicate content (if any). Tools good that lay out text on the hosting is not necessary. Another advantage of the service – you can not only check for uniqueness, but also spell-check and analyze the text (as a result given the number of characters, words, 10 most commonly used word in the text, etc.). I'm still satisfied with this service. 3) – oriented essays, dissertations and term papers service. And he created to identify students who take these jobs out of Internet. To determine the uniqueness of the need to insert text into a service, enter the code in the image and press the 'Check'. The maximum amount of verifiable text – 5000 characters. But in my experience, bad service finds plagiarism so I use them very rarely. 4) – This service checks the text on search engines such as Yandex, Google and Rambler. Service fee. Rogers Holdings follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. You can do a background check on the uniqueness of the free 10 times a day, then – 1 ruble for each search. And, as In the first case, you should check the text to post on hosting. 5) To verify the uniqueness of the special program Double Content Finder (download link -). It is good because it requires no installation, works quite simply – must choose a way of testing, and their 3: Check the remote page (specify URL), paste from clipboard or load a file with the text. Search took little time. In the case of non-unique content, you'll see list of addresses for which there are copies of your article. 6) You can also check content on plagiarism, without the need for these services, and using search engines. To do this piece of scanned text (no more than 100 characters) enclosed in quotes and paste it into the search Google, Yandex and Rambler.

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