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Bred, who as you can. Change controller or petrol pump. At least a thousand to 3 and all satisfied with both the client and diagnostician. So vpryskovy car assembly plant as carburetor, ie no wait, if you want, make second pause between the position is included and the key to start. Another note, if refused […]

Car Repair

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Ask why they are needed – repair manuals in electronic form? Do not hesitate to answer and give you some sound examples of these instructions, or manuals, handbooks (someone like) may be needed be very useful, but what's there – just help you out in a difficult situation Not at all what your car. Our […]

Modern cars have become so complex, and automatic transmissions are so reliable that the automatic transmission performs the most popular, or even the base version korobkm gear on many models. Over 85% modern cars are equipped with different brands of automatic transmissions. All that is required from the driver – is start the engine, select […]

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