Former export Manager reports on his way out of dead-end Ralph Schwaiger, formerly export manager suffered “Burn Out”. In his speeches, he tells his story. If they have broken a leg, use crutches, wearing a cast. The violation is obvious to everyone. If you are mentally burned out, no one sees their suffering.

You are alone, locked in their own Dungeon. The concern in the room was palpable “, so a participant.” Ralph Schwaiger, formerly successful export manager was locked up in his Dungeon: burn out. After a stay in a psychosomatic clinic he founded the self-help group ways out of the impasse “in Ingolstadt. Now he does reconnaissance work on the topic of burnout and tells his personal story. I would like to stigma the topic. It should come in enterprises on the agenda. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ripple protocol has to say. “Ralph Schwaiger explains the five steps resulted in his case straight down a blind alley in his speeches: throttle, to stun a” News junkie”be, have no time and do what the other one would expect. In the very open discussion quickly became clear, that everyone in this situation may be. “The topic is so important that I will consider it in my daily work of the Council in the future much more me.” (Participants votes) More information on this topic see: contact person: Ralph Schwaiger

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