Employees have passed all of dismissal, yet quite a while yearning exactly the smell of trees, the bright sun, barbeque, campfire song. Even bright sweep, as if the results of the staff soar then stay in a cottage on the weekend and the next exit on the corporate nature. And what about the hidden potential of employees will find, then the active corporate holiday cottage for the weekend in the countryside. Even if all we ever are renting cottages for day trips to corporate professionals, with the aim of which is a corporate holiday weekdays, any time wonder, as well as seeing new people quite willing to work for 150 percent of the then corporate holiday cottage on the day. In the cottage at night probably: the removal of the department faint-hearted, universal forgiveness of injuries. Only the sun, the atmosphere and the fluid, flushed kebab bychatiny necessarily will. We all pick up the house for a day and rent a cottage for corporate holiday does not pass for free. It is clear that in our time of crisis the country that it is a corporate holiday on this date impermissible elegance, as well as an impressive number of medium and small businesses simply can not afford a corporate holiday with accommodation in a suburban boarding houses or restaurants. For the sake of this in our database There is also a home for the spring-summer season, our agency is actively offering the house at night, but not on all weekend, corporate holidays.